Spring 2017 Programs at Yale University Art Gallery

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source: Yale University Art Gallery      2017年2月17日
The Gallery offers a variety of lectures, panel discussions, and talks that place our collection and exhibitions in the broader context of history and culture. Speakers include curators, scholars, artists, critics, writers, and others engaged with the world of art and ideas. Programs range from lectures for a general audience to symposia with a scholarly focus. Concerts, film screenings, dramatic performances, and literary readings connect the art on view at the Gallery with other forms of expression. Master classes provide an opportunity to explore works of art in an intimate classroom setting with a curator, educator, or guest scholar. Please check our online calendar for a full listing of lectures and other events http://artgallery.yale.edu/programs-archive

The Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom: Racial Justice Activism in 1957 and Beyond 1:21:04
William P. Jones, La Tanya S. Autry, and others
Thursday, January 19, 2017, 5:30 pm
In dialogue with Yale University students, historian William P. Jones, Professor of History at the University of Minnesota and author of The March on Washington: Jobs, Freedom, and the Forgotten History of Civil Rights, relates the roots and organizing methods of the 1957 Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom to the renowned March on Washington of 1963. The panelists also discuss how these historic mass demonstrations inspired the current activist strategies of the Black Lives Matter movement. Generously sponsored by the Martin A. Ryerson Fund.
The Astonishing Richness of Igbo Art: Beauties, Beasts, and Others 52:36
An Evening of Albers: Conversations on Small-Great Objects 1:03:28
Art and Education in Apartheid South Africa 1:09:03
What Is a Screen?: Screening Nature 1:31:55
What Is a Screen?: Projection and Protection 1:31:16
What Is a Screen?: Material. Human. Divine. Notes on the Vertical Screen 1:44:07
Amazigh Women’s Arts: Visual Expressions of Berber Identity 1:14:07
After Wilfred: The Influence of Lumia on the Joshua Light Show 1:08:56
The Dutch Abroad and What They Brought Back, Nautilus Cups in Holland: East Embraced by West 1:02:59
[deleted video]
“The Carryers of the World”: Trade and Luxury Goods in the Dutch Golden Age 55:38
Fragile Matters: Fascination for Ceramic in the Early Modern Period 1:00:15
The Lemon’s Lure
The Domestic Material World of New Netherlands 1:13:42
West Meets East in Miniature 1:00:10

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