Lumia: Thomas Wilfred and the Art of Light

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source: Yale University Art Gallery    2017年2月24日
Lumia: Thomas Wilfred and the Art of Light
This series of videos presents short segments of many of the works in the exhibition “Lumia: Thomas Wilfred and the Art of Light.”
"Lumia: Thomas Wilfred and the Art of Light" is the first exhibition on this groundbreaking artist and his spellbinding light compositions in more than forty years. As early as 1919, well before the advent of consumer television and video technology, Wilfred began experimenting with light as his primary artistic medium, developing the means to control and project colorful, luminous forms that have been compared to the aurora borealis—and which he referred to collectively as "lumia." The exhibition features nearly half of the extant light works by Wilfred representing each phase of his career, from early at-home instruments made for individual viewers to his most ambitious public installation, "Lumia Suite, Op. 158," commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 1963 and recently restored in a joint conservation project by the Gallery and MoMA. Also included in the exhibition are sketches and diagrams from the artist’s archive, now in Yale University Library’s Manuscripts and Archives collection. Recognized as an innovator by artists of his time such as Jackson Pollock, László Moholy-Nagy, and Katherine Dreier, Wilfred has since disappeared from the story of American modernism. "Lumia" restores this avant-garde artist to his rightful place at the forefront of kinetic and light art.

Thomas Wilfred, "Luccata, Op. 162" 10:23 Thomas Wilfred, "Luccata, Op. 162," 1967–68. Metal, glass, electrical and lighting elements, and a frosted-glass screen in a hinged wood cabinet, indefinite playing time. Carol and Eugene Epstein Collection
Thomas Wilfred, "Counterpoint in Space, Op. 146" 10:23
Thomas Wilfred, "Visual Counterpoint, Op. 140" 10:25
Thomas Wilfred, "Unit #50, Elliptical Prelude and Chalice," from the "First Table Model Clavilux” 5:25
Thomas Wilfred, "Spacetime Study, Op. 153" 10:24
Thomas Wilfred, "Untitled, Op. 161" 10:26
Thomas Wilfred, "Unit #86," from the "Clavilux Junior (First Home Clavilux Model)" series 10:23
Thomas Wilfred, "Unit #167," from the "Clavilux Home Instrument" series 5:12
Thomas Wilfred, "Multidimensional, Op. 79" 10:24
Thomas Wilfred, "Abstract, Op. 91 (The Firebird)" 1:21
Thomas Wilfred, "Tranquil Study, Op. 92" 4:51
Thomas Wilfred, "Vertical Sequence, Op. 136" 10:22
Thomas Wilfred, "Lumia Suite, Op. 158" 10:25
Thomas Wilfred, "Nocturne, Op. 148" 10:26
Thomas Wilfred, "Study in Depth, Op. 152" 10:21

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