Patterns of Nature (Fall 2016) with Gurmohanjeet S. Bevli at California State U

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source: csuDHTV     2016年8月24日
PHY100 Patterns in Nature (Fall 2016) with Gurmohanjeet S. Bevli

Lecture 01. An introduction to the study of self, socialization and social interaction. Interpersonal relations and the structure of social roles, deviance and normality in everyday life.
Oscillations (Vibrations): https://youtu.be/Haaj2_Zn4JM?t=36m
Time Period: https://youtu.be/Haaj2_Zn4JM?t=38m14s
Amplitude: https://youtu.be/Haaj2_Zn4JM?t=41m20s
Frequency: https://youtu.be/Haaj2_Zn4JM?t=46m52s
Human Perception: https://youtu.be/Haaj2_Zn4JM?t=1h16m26s

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