(Workshop) Light-matter interactions in low dimensions (2015)

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source: ITAMP Physics   2015年7月14日

Introduction to "Light-matter interactions in low dimensions" workshop 6:05
Andreas Wallraff, “Photon-Qubit Interactions in On Dimensional Superconducting Circuits” 47:53
Yasunobu Nakamura “Impedance-matched Λ system in a superconducting waveguide” 43:14
Christopher Wilson, “ Quantum electrodynamics in 1D using a superconducting artificial atom” 42:19
Juan-Jose Garcia-Ripol, “Superconducting circuit microwave photonics” 42:02
Kai Mueller, “Quantum Nanophotonics” 33:36
Edo Waks 44:30
Peter Lodahl 43:46
Shanhui Fan 42:49
Michael Pletyukhov 43:56
Jeff Kimble, Caltech, "Strong Atom-Photon Interactions in Photonic Crystal Waveguides" 46:02
Jeff Thompson, “Nanoscale quantum systems with single atoms and photons” 44:57
Philipp Schneeweiss, TU Wien “Optical diode based on the chirality of guided photons” 39:40
Luis Orozco, University of Maryland, “Nanofibers at JQI, a progress report”37:43
Amir Safavi-Naeini, "Engineered Optomechanical Interactions in Nanostructures" 40:38
Thomas Pohl, “Single-photon routing in strongly interacting atomic ensembles” 38:20
Hannes Pichler, “Quantum optics with chiral system-reservoir coupling” 47:23
Anders Sorensen, “Quantum information processing with atoms coupled to waveguides and cavities” 41:52
Ephraim Shahmoon, “Dipolar interactions in waveguides: From Casimir forces to nonlinear optics” 40:49
James Douglas 39:20
Mohammad Hafezi 40:34
Alexey Goshkov, “Few-body and many-body physics with Rydberg polaritons” 43:40
Sebastian Hofferberth, “Nonlinear Quantum Optics Using Interacting Rydberg Atoms” 43:20
Vladan Vuletic, "Strong Photon-Photon Interactions" 42:39
Helmut Ritsch 0:13
Alp Sipahigil, "Quantum Optics with Silicon-Vacancy Centers in Diamond Cavities" 35:12
Alex High, "Hyperbolic metasurfaces: a plasmonic platform for engineering light matter interaction" 23:05

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