New questions in quantum field theory from condensed matter theory (2016)

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source: International Centre for Theoretical Sciences    2016年2月5日
New questions in quantum field theory from condensed matter theory
Organizers: Subhro Bhattacharjee, Rajesh Gopakumar, Subroto Mukerjee and Aninda Sinha
Url: http://www.icts.res.in/discussion_meeting/qft2015/
Dates: Monday 28 Dec, 2015 - Tuesday 05 Jan, 2016

Description: The last couple of decades have seen a major revolution in the field of condensed matter physics, where the severe limitations of conventional paradigms (viz., spontaneous symmetry breaking and Landau’s Fermi liquid framework) have been repeatedly exposed in context of a large number of correlated electronic systems. This has led to a wide search for a more general framework that can successfully capture the low energy properties of the unconventional quantum many-body systems. The quickly expanding frontiers of this field have, among other things, explored ideas involving different ways of manifestation of symmetries in condensed matter systems, role of quantum entanglement, bulk-edge correspondence and gauge-gravity duality. This has thrown wide open newer frontiers, in turn, for fruitful exchanges between condensed matter and quantum field theory, and string theory, which have seen parallel remarkable developments over the last two decades.
In view of these current advances, the discussion meeting aims to bring together researchers to foster and develop the above connections between the two disciplines for free exchange of ideas -- both at conceptual and technical levels.

Opening Remarks 1:49
Entanglement Entropy in Gauge Theories by Sandip Trivedi 1:53:47
Fermions in synthetic gauge fields and synthetic dimensions by Vijay Shenoy 1:28:30
Chern-Simons Matter theories by S. Minwalla 2:21:33
Exotic metals in graphene and the high temperature superconductors by Subir Sachdev 2:15:14
Conformal bootstrap and critical phenomena by Aninda Sinha 2:02:31
Half-filled Landau level, topological insulator surfaces, and 3D quantum spin liquids by T. Senthil  2:09:49
Thermalization in 2 dimensional critical quench and holography by G. Mandal 2:20:57
Melting of three-sublattice and easy-axis antiferromagnets on triangular and kagome lattices 1:18:05
A supersymmetric QHE by David Tong 2:02:43
A perfect microscopic theory for a perfect phenomenon by J. K. Jain 2:02:07
Particle vortex duality of Dirac fermions from electric magnetic duality of topological ... 1:48:14
Topological sigma models & dissipative hydrodynamics by R. Loganayagam 1:35:57
Lattice realization of integer QHE of bosons by Subhro Bhattacharjee 1:12:14
More perfect than we imagined: A physicist’s view of life by William Bialek (Lecture 1) 1:50:41

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