Laboratory Cosmology: AMO Physics Techniques and Applications for Cosmological Phenomena (2016)

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source: ITAMP Physics    2016年9月19日
This is a rapid-response workshop on the emerging methods in AMO physics for cosmological searches and detections. Whether it is sensing, timing, quantum entanglement, time variability of fundamental constants, macroscopic quantum systems, AMO physics is increasingly being applied for precision tests of gravity and the equivalence principle and for search and detection of cosmological phenomena (dark matter, dark energy, CMB anisotropy, gravitational waves, 21 cm dark ages...).
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Mark Kasevich 47:41 Mark Kasevich, Stanford University, during the workshop of Laboratory Cosmology: AMO Physics Techniques and Applications for Cosmological Phenomena, lecture titled "Quantum mechanics at macroscopic scales" at the Institute for Theoretical, Atomic and Molecular and Optical Physics, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, Massachusetts on September 12-13, 2016
Keith Schwab 42:28
John Doyle 45:40
Shimon Kolkowitz 39:59
Anastasia Fialkov 37:21
Ron Walsworth 54:45
Douglas Finkbeiner 33:08
Andrei Derevianko 45:31
Andrew Geraci 39:49
Derek Kimball 44:56
Holger Mueller 42:28
Monika Schleier Smith 27:32
Jeff Steinhauer 39:20
Alex Sushkov 33:09

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