Chris Douvos: Escaping the Tyranny of Mediocrity: Finding Differentiation Through Authenticity

source: Stanford     2017年1月10日
Chris Douvos began his career at the Princeton University Investment Company before becoming the co-head of Private Equity Investing at The Investment Fund for Foundations. Currently, Chris is the Managing Director of fund-of-funds Venture Investment Associates, and is well-known for his blog “Super LP.”
In this fireside chat, Chris examines the manner in which he and his companies identify talented venture capitalists and promising funds, and balance institutional portfolios to minimize risk and maximize potential rewards. Chris also discusses the manner in which LP investment strategies adjust with changing economic trends and the corresponding adjustment in the role of an institutional investor.
MS&E 476 Course Description: We often discuss how technology is reinvented and disrupted, but there is also a good amount of change occurring within the venture capital industry. Within the past several decades there have been new entrants, from incubators to angels to different models of venture capital.
The course explores changes in the venture capital industry: from the rise of Sand Hill Road and investing in the dot-com bubble, to incubators and accelerators, equity crowdfunding platform, and different models of venture capital today. Through lectures, guest speakers and interviews, the course explores how companies are funded, grown, and scaled, hearing from individuals who have been at the forefront of the industry as investors, technologists and entrepreneurs.

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