Advances in Graphene, Majorana fermions, Quantum computation (2012)

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source: International Centre for Theoretical Sciences   2013年5月22日
Wednesday 19 Dec, 2012 - Friday 21 Dec, 2012
Auditorium, New Physical Sciences Building, IISc

Quantum computation is one of the most fundamental and important research topics today, from both theoretical and experimental perspectives. A fault tolerant computation scheme, such as that protected against dephasing or decay of quantum information, is crucial for this purpose. It has been known for some time that a class of quasi-particles of non-abelian braiding statistics, such as the Majorana fermions, can be an excellent platform to achieve such a topologically protected quantum computation. While recent discovery of the Majorana fermions in semiconductor nanowires have boosted the quantum computation community, other material platforms, in particular graphene, are also being researched extensively. Much research is directed towards electron-electron interaction and non-trivial p-type superconductivity in graphene with the ultimate aim to create and detect Majorana fermions in these systems. This Discussion Meeting on "Advances in Graphene, Majorana fermions, and Quantum Computation" showcases in-depth scientific presentations and debates on these globally active fields of research today. The participation of many leaders in these fields from all over the world will make this meeting a scientifically exciting event for the local active research community.
PROGRAM LINK: http://www.icts.res.in/discussion_mee...

Welcome Address 21:27 
Circuit QED: Wiring up Quantum Systems - Steven M. Girvin 40:31 
Fermions in Synthetic Non-Albelian Gauge Fields- Vijay B Shenay 38:58 
Evolution of the quantum wavefunction during measurement: From quantum jumps to feedback - R Vijay 46:26 
Topological and Flat Bands - Roderich Moessner 47:17 
Electronic topological transition from band to topological insulator under pressure -Ajay Sood 36:47 
Condensate vs. Quasiparticle Transport in a Bilayer Quantum Hall Superfluid - Jim Eisenstein 54:04 
Possible Anti - Pfaffian Pairing of Composite Fermions at Filling Factor 3/8 - Sudhansu S. Mandalo 34:46 
Advances in Graphene, Majorana Fermions, Quantum Computation ( 1 ) - Sankar Das Sarma  1:19:09
Topological Surface States in Topological Insulators, Superconductors and Beyond - M. Zahid  42:41
Fractionalizing Majorana Fermions - Ady Stern 49:21
Transport at surfaces of topological insulators - Diptiman Sen 39:55 
Quantum computing in silicon and the limits of silicon miniaturisation - Michelle Simmons 43:28
A Fast Spin Qubit - Charles Marcus 44:51
Advances in Graphene, Majorana Fermions, Quantum Computation ( 2 ) - Sankar Das Sarma 1:15:34 
The chiral Mott phase of bosons in one dimensional optical lattices - Subroto Mukerjee 41:18
Spectral Function in Bilayer Graphene: Quasiparticles and Plasmarons - Rajdeep Sensarma 47:14 
Correlated Electron Phenomena in Suspended Graphene - Amir Yacoby 33:17 
Charge transport across tunable superlattice barriers in graphene -Mandar Deshmukh 39:15 
Graphene Interaction with Light - Andrea Ferrari 48:07 
Quantum Ising Dynamics in the Rabi Lattice Model - Brijesh Kumar 44:42 
Correlation between dissipation & out of equilibrium noise in low dimensional mesoscopic 23:52 
Advances in Graphene, Majorana Fermions, Quantum Computation ( 3 ) - Sankar Das Sarma 1:16:01

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