Connecting Few-body and Many-body Pictures of Fractional Quantum Hall Physics (2016)

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source: ITAMP Physics    2016年7月26日
The treatment of strongly-interacting fermions or bosons in a real or effective magnetic field lies at the heart of current interests in both many-body condensed matter physics and ultracold atomic, molecular, and optical physics. On the theory side, many questions remain to be solved in both types of systems, such as the general role of topology and entanglement in FQH systems, properties of edge states and novel stripe, bubble, melting or other phases, and the most efficient theoretical tools for identifying the filling fractions where FQH states will stand out experimentally, to name only a few. Experimentally, the condensed matter systems are now studied in great detail, and this is certainly a tremendously mature field, whereas theoretical debates are still struggling to reach a consensus about the nature of many of the FQH states. On the other hand, experiments for ultracold atom and correlated photonic systems are still in development phases that are ripe for a free-wheeling exchange of ideas, to seek out promising avenues for ways to observe Laughlin, composite-fermion, composite-boson states, or other novel states in free-space or lattice geometries. In addition to seeking answers to these types of specific physical questions, another goal for this workshop is to encourage a free exchange of ideas between AMO physicists and members of the condensed-matter community. This is likely to spawn a useful exchange of ideas, pictures, and terminology, and potentially future collaborations as well.
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Nate Gemelke 45:11 Nate Gemelke, Penn -State, during the workshop of "Connecting Few-body and Many-body Pictures of Fractional Quantum Hall Physics", lecture titled "Dissipative and Few-body Gauge Fields for Cold Atoms in the Fractional Hall Regime" at the Institute for Theoretical, Atomic and Molecular and Optical Physics, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, Massachusetts on July 11-13, 2016
Antonio Levy 36:35
Rachel Wooten 42:53
Wick Haxton 44:02
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Bert Halperin 48:55
Senthil Todadri, 50:58
Joe Maciejko 44:00
Susanne VIefers 40:40
Monika Aidelsburger 42:34
Ian Spielman 42:22
Philip Kim 41:01
Tilman Esslinger 41:12
Fabian Crusdt 41:25
Tim Lun Ho 46:37
Jonathan Simon 39:20
Mohammad Hafezi 41:11
Markus Greiner 43:01
Arun Paramekanti 38:15
Seth Rittenhouse 41:23
Junru Li 43:09

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