String Theory: Past and Present (2017, ICTS- Bengaluru)

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source: International Centre for Theoretical Sciences      2017年1月10日
11 January 2017 to 13 January 2017
VENUE: Ramanujan Lecture Hall, ICTS, Bengaluru

String theory has come a long way, from its origin in 1970's as a possible model of strong interactions, to the present day where it sheds light not only on the original problem of strong interactions, but also on quantum gravity, black hole physics, hydrodynamics, condensed matter systems and particle physics, besides providing tools to explore new structures in quantum field theory and mathematics.
String theorists from India have played a major role in the development of the subject. The meeting will celebrate the ongoing journey of String theory in the form of exposition and discussion of developments at its frontier. There will be talks by the invited speakers from all around the world covering various frontier areas of string theory.

The talks will broadly cover the following areas:
Black hole physics
Formal developments in String theory
Applications of gauge gravity duality to non-equilibium physics
Supersymmetric quantum field theories
Quantum entanglement
Bose-Fermi dualities and application to condensed matter
Conformal field theory

There will be a special session to felicitate Spenta R. Wadia for his contribution to science and institution-building in India.
PROGRAM LINK: https://www.icts.res.in/discussion-me...

Black Hole Dynamics at Large D by shiraz Minwalla 31:46
Scaling in Quantum Quench: from Holography to Lattices by Sumit Das 33:31
The Large SpeNta Limit by David Gross 39:32
Disordered Metals without Quasiparticles, and Charged Black Holes by Subir Sachdev 34:08
Random Tensor Models and Melonic Large N Limits by Igor Klebanov 31:22
Top Eeigenvalue of a Random Matrix: Tracy-Widom Distribution and Third Order... by Satya Majumdar 26:29
Physics at Different Length Scales by R Shankar 20:55
High-dimensional Statistics and Large-SpeNta Expansion (OR) One.. by Anirvan Sengupta 25:51
Spectral Sum Rules for Conformal Field Theories in Arbitrary Dimension by Justin David 24:12
A New Perspective on Holographic Entanglement by Matthew Headrick 31:56
Anisotropic Geometries, Viscosity and Cold Atoms by Sandip Trivedi 36:24
Conformal Symmetry of Flat Space Scattering by Andrew Strominger 46:44
The Information Paradox and Complementarity by Suvrat Raju 31:01
Cosets and Analogue Monsters in Rational CFT by Sunil Mukhi 33:14
On the Thermodynamic Stability of Black Holes by Bum-Hoon Lee 29:01
S-Matrix Theory for Massive Higher Spins and the Challenge of UV Completion by Nima Arkani Hamed 35:32
Conformal Bootstrap in Mellin Space by Aninda Sinha 29:50
On Nilpotent Superfields in IIB String Compactifications by Fernando Quevedo 30:37
Free Fermions, Strings, and the 1/N Expansion by Marcos Marino 34:27
The Large N Limit of Chern Simons Vector Models: Past and Present by Shiroman Prakash 31:31
A Holographic View of Singularities by Eliezer Rabinovici 33:59
Issues in Open EFT by R Loganayagam 35:54
Higher Dimensional Field Theories by Kimyeong Lee 27:17
Covariantized M(atrix) Theory by Tamiaki Yoneya 30:47
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Banquet Speeches and Reminiscences at SpentaFest 1:54:27
Reminiscences of Spenta 50:37
Exotic RG Flows from Holography by Elias Kiritsis 26:26
AdS from Path-integrals in CFT by Tadashi Takayanagi 35:47
Fun with K3 by Hirosi Ooguri 29:29
Non-Integrability in String Backgrounds by Pallab Basu 28:30
Growth Dynamics and Size Fluctuations of Bacterial Cells by Sanjay Jain 24:09
Scientific Contributions of Spenta Wadia by Avinash Dhar 30:17
The Story of Two $i\epsilon$ by Ashoke Sen 32:46
Weyl Anomalies and Cosmology by Atish Dabholkar 46:24
Coadjoint Orbits and Liouville Bulk Dual by Gautam Mandal 26:19
Hadronic Strings: Old and New by Michael Green 29:23
Real Topological String Amplitudes by K S Narain 29:26

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