Advanced Strings School 2015 (ICTS-TIFR, Bangalore)

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source: International Centre for Theoretical Sciences     2015年8月11日
TALKS URL: https://www.icts.res.in/program/all/t...
PROGRAM URL: http://www.icts.res.in/program/SS2015
ORGANIZERS: Justin David, Chethan Krishnan and Gautam Mandal
DATES: Thursday 11 Jun, 2015 - Thursday 18 Jun, 2015
VENUE: Physics Department, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Strings School 2015 is intended to introduce a wide range of basic background material for the latest developments in String theory, Quantum Field Theory and Gravity to senior graduate students and young postdocs. Another purpose of the School is to prepare young researchers for the Strings 2015 conference which will take place in the same venue immediately following the School, and bring about interactions and exchange of ideas among young physicists at a global level.
The areas chosen for the School span most active areas of research in string theory over the last several years. The lectures will cover a selection of basic material as well as advanced topics at the forefront of current research. Leading physicists representing these areas of research will be giving lectures. The list of topics is given below:
Topics Precision studies of black holes Dynamical aspects of AdS/CFT Higher Spin AdS/CFT Exact results in SUSY gauge theories Entanglement entropy C-theorems in various dimensions Hydrodynamics String perturbation theory Conformal Bootstrap
Besides the lectures, the School will feature structured group discussions and lunch sessions with lecturers to achieve maximum interactions.

Welcome address by Spenta R Wadia 2:08
Conformal Bootstrap - I by David Simmons-Duffin 1:11:58
C-theorems in various dimensions - I by Zohar Komargodski 1:06:06
Exact results in SUSY gauge theories - I by Jaume Gomis 1:07:19
Gong Show on 11-June-2015 1:14:03
Discussion on 11-Jun-2015 1:07:04
Exact results in SUSY gauge theories - II by Jaume Gomis 36:21
C-theorems in various dimensions - II by Zohar Komargodski 1:13:24
Conformal Bootstrap - II by David Simmons-Duffin 1:10:09
Hydrodynamics - I by Mukund Rangamani 1:18:28
Discussion on 12-June-2015 1:01:00
Hydrodynamics - II by Mukund Rangamani 1:10:30
C-theorems in various dimensions - III by Zohar Komargodski 1:25:28
Exact results in SUSY gauge theories - III by Jaume Gomis 1:17:12
Conformal Bootstrap - III by David Simmons-Duffin 1:12:10
Tutorial on 13-June-2015 1:04:22
Dynamical aspects of AdS / CFT - I by Sumit Das 1:24:44
Entanglement Entropy - I by Marina Huerta 1:22:04
Hydrodynamics - III by Mukund Rangamani 1:14:39
Conformal Bootstrap - IV by David Simmons-Duffin 1:25:24
Gong Show on 14-June-2015 1:06:13
Higher Spin AdS / CFT - I by Matthias Gaberdiel 1:20:23
Entanglement Entropy - II by Marina Huerta 1:21:24
Dynamical aspects of AdS / CFT - II by Sumit Das 1:19:30
Poster Session on 15-June-2015 1:50
Discussion on 15-June-2015 1:22:55
Higher Spin AdS / CFT - II by Matthias Gaberdiel 1:19:39
Dynamical aspects of AdS / CFT - III by Sumit Das 1:26:45
Entanglement Entropy - III by Marina Huerta 1:05:38
Precision studies of black holes - I by Atish Dabholkar 1:14:18
String perturbation theory - I by Ashoke Sen 1:13:41
Higher Spin AdS / CFT - III by Matthias Gaberdiel 1:13:12
Precision studies of black holes - II by Atish Dabholkar 1:26:31
String perturbation theory - II by Ashoke Sen 1:16:04
Discussion on 17-June-2015 50:20
Precision studies of black holes -III by Atish Dabholkar 1:15:46
String perturbation theory - III by Ashoke Sen 1:18:58
Discussion on 18-June-2015 1:04:58

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