Bangalore Area String Meeting, 2016 (ICTS, Bangalore)

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source: International Centre for Theoretical Sciences     2016年8月3日
URL: http://www.icts.res.in/discussion_mee...
DATES: Monday 25 Jul, 2016 - Wednesday 27 Jul, 2016
VENUE : Ramanujan Lecture Hall, ICTS, Bangalore

This meeting is designed to bring together string theorists working in the Bangalore area. The meeting will have a set of short talks, which are designed to rapidly communicate the recent research interests of the speakers. The meeting will also feature a brief selection of interdisciplinary talks from other areas, and some longer talks from invited visitors.
ORGANIZERS: R. Loganayagam, Suvrat Raju

Holographic Quantum Quench by Pallab Basu 54:36
Wilson­-Fisher ala Polyakov via Mellin without Feynman by Aninda Sinha 51:44
The large D Black hole Membrane by Shiraz Minwalla 1:02:19
Breakdown of Perturbation theory and the Black Hole Information Problem by Sudip Ghosh 48:13
Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model, Coadjoint orbits of Virasoro and Liouville Theory by Gautam Mandal 56:51
Wick Rotation in the Tangent Space by Joseph Samuel 45:44
The Scalar Field Propagator on a Causal Set by Sumati Surya 45:33
Yang-Mills Matrix Model Coupled to Fermions Superselection Sector... by Sachin Vaidya 1:02:58
Universal corrections to entanglement entropy of local quantum quenches by Surbhi Khetrapal 39:52
Hairy Black Holes in a Box by P. N. Balasubramanian 33:59
Exploring Perturbative CFTs in Mellin Space by Amin Ahmad Nizami 42:07
A New Poisson Bracket Identity for Gravity by Madhavan Varadarajan 56:30
Smooth Causal Patches for AdS Black Holes by Suvrat Raju 51:14
Schwinger Keldysh in Superspace by R. Loganayagam 50:55
Spectral sum rules in conformal field theories by Justin David 51:29
Large spin bootstrap by Apratim Kaviraj 29:30
A New Path Integral for Quantum Gravity by Chethan Krishnan 42:21

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