Indian Writing in English by Anand Prakash, Payal Nagpal, Bhim Singh Dahiya & Urvashi Kuhad

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source: Cec Ugc    2016年6月29日/上次更新日期:2017年1月31日

Making of Indian Writing in English : Introduction -II 59:17
Decline of the Mughal and Rise of the English 59:21
Impact of west on Indian Imagination 58:06
Making of Indian Writing in English 1780- 1940: Introduction 55:44
English as an Organized Discipline 59:55
Macaulay's Minute: A Crucial Document 59:57
Indian Writings in English: Raja Ram Mohun Roy 59:26
Indian Writings in English: "Sultana's Dream" 55:31
Macaulay's Minute: II 51:42
Derozio: Voice of Bengal Renaissance 58:31
Saguna: First Autobiographical Novel 59:42
Indian English Fiction: Origins 1:00:07
Post-1857 Developments and Indian English 56:44
Beginnings of National Movement : Society and Culture 59:51
Bankimchandra Rajmohan's Wife 57:51
Sarojini Naidu: The Poet 58:40
Toru Dutt: Prose Writing 58:33
Girish Karnad as Dramatist 1:00:31
Tagore as a Poet 1:02:29
Hellenic Criticism 59:19
Girish Karnad: "Wedding Album" 57:48

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