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source: iBiology    2016年10月12日

Eric Hamilton (Washington U.): Pollen’s pressure problem: Relieving sexual tension through evolution 19:07
Luis Herrera-Estrella (Langebio) Spanish Part 1: Plant nutrition and sustainable agriculture 31:58
Luis Herrera-Estrella (Langebio) Part 3: An environmentally friendly phosphorus fertilization system 24:50
Luis Herrera-Estrella (Langebio) Part 2: Phosphorus: an essential plant nutrient 36:30
Luis Herrera-Estrella (Langebio) Part 1: Plant nutrition and sustainable agriculture 34:08
Elliot Meyerowitz (Caltech, HHMI) 3: Plant development: Physical force as a signaling mechanism 33:30
Elliot Meyerowitz (Caltech, HHMI) 2: Plant development: Modeling Arabidopsis phyllotaxis 28:38
Elliot Meyerowitz (Caltech , HHMI) 1: Why we need to understand plant development 30:15
Richard Amasino (U. Wisconsin-Madison, HHMI) 2: Vernalization: how winter cold promotes flowering 39:36
Richard Amasino (U. Wisconsin-Madison, HHMI) 1: How plants “know” when to flower 25:27
Dominique Bergmann (Stanford U / HHMI) 3: Stomata and global climate cycles 23:52
Dominique Bergmann (Stanford U / HHMI) 2: Stomata as a model for stem cells 34:27
Dominique Bergmann (Stanford U / HHMI) 1: Key issues in plant development 34:44
Pamela Ronald (UC Davis) Part 2: Engineering Resistance to Infection and Tolerance to Stresses 39:46
Sharon Long (Stanford) Part 1: Cooperation between bacteria and plants for protein nutrition 18:50
Susan Wessler (UC Riverside) Part 2: How transposable elements amplify throughout genomes 1:15:02
Susan Wessler (UC Riverside) Part 1: Introduction to transposable elements 38:13
Sharon Long (Stanford) Part 3: Plant genes and cell response in nitrogen-fixing symbiosis 1:02:58
Sharon Long (Stanford) Part 2: Function and regulation of Sinorhizobium nodulation genes 58:38
Pamela Ronald (UC Davis) Part 1: Sustainable agriculture 25:05
Chris Somerville (Energy Biosciences Institute, UC Berkeley/LBNL) Part 1: The Argument for Biofuels 33:33
Chris Somerville (Energy Biosciences Institute, UC Berkeley/LBNL) Part 2: Cellulosic Biofuels 48:16
Roger Beachy (Danforth Center) Part 2: Genetic Engineering for Virus Resistance in Plants 1:02:12
Roger Beachy (Danforth Center) Part 1: Biology of Plant Virus Infection 28:02
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