Extragalactic Relativistic Jets: Cause and Effect (2015, ICTS Bangalore)

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source: International Centre for Theoretical Sciences     2015年11月13日
PROGRAM LINK: www.icts.res.in/program/ERG2015
DATES: Monday 12 Oct, 2015 - Tuesday 20 Oct, 2015
VENUE: Ramanujan Lecture Hall, ICTS Bangalore
Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) are the luminous centers of galaxies that are believed to be powered by accretion of matter on to supermassive black holes. Bipolar outflows or jets that are launched from the accretion-disk black hole systems carry away angular momentum and impact the surrounding matter both inside and outside the host galaxies. Given the current computational power, AGN have become a test bed for general relativistic magnetohydrodynamics. AGN are sites of coalescing supermassive black holes, which are one of the primary science drivers of gravitational wave astronomy.
AGN jet astrophysics is at an important and exciting junction in time with the availability of ever-more sensitive multi-wavelength data and increased computing power. This program will bring leading experts working on various aspects of AGN jet physics from around the world to Bangalore. The program will prove to be an invaluable opportunity for boosting AGN studies in India in time for India's participation in upcoming mega projects like SKA, TMT, LIGO-India, and ASTROSAT.
Pedagogical lectures will be delivered on the first two days on topics related to the advanced-level talks that will take place later in the program. Talks highlighting the latest results on AGN Jets and Outflows from new observatories like the ALMA, NuSTAR, and Fermi-GST among others, will be presented on days 3-7. An evening talk by Dr. Bernard Fanaroff will take place on day 5. Tutorials on Introduction to CASA software for ALMA, EVLA, GMRT radio data-reduction, and NuSTARDAS software for NuSTAR X-ray data-reduction, will be held on the final two days of the program.
This program is organized in partnership with the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore.
Roger Blandford (Stanford University), Garret Cotter (University of Oxford), C. H. Ishwara-Chandra (NCRA-TIFR), Ajit Kembhavi (IUCAA), Gopal-Krishna (Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences), Robert Laing (ESO), Christopher O’Dea (University of Manitoba), Anthony Readhead (California Institute of Technology), Prajval Shastri (IIA), Ashok Singal (PRL)
ORGANIZERS: C. H. Ishwara-Chandra, Ajit Kembhavi, Preeti Kharb (Convener), Dharam Vir Lal, Anthony Readhead and C. S. Stalin

Welcome Address by Rajesh Gopakumar (Director, ICTS) 11:03
The Fanaroff-Riley Dichotomy in AGN Jets and Their Emission-line Regions by Prajval Shastri 1:15:16
AGN Feedback by Prateek Sharma 1:04:57
Winds from AGN: A multi-wavelength Perspective by R. Srianand 1:04:25
Supermassive Black Holes & Jet Formation: Theory, Observations & Simulations by A. Mangalam 1:13:39
Introduction to VLBI Studies of Blazars by Denise Gabuzda 1:09:17
High-energy Emission from Blazars by Bindu Rani 1:29:52
Welcome Address by Spenta Wadia (Founding Director, ICTS) 19:46
Introductory Talk of the Jets meeting by Robert Laing 56:24
Low-Excitation & High-Excitation Radio Galaxies: by Martin Hardcastle 32:48
Using Fundamental Plane to constrain Jet Physics by Payaswini Saikia 18:24
Gamma-ray emitting NLSy1 galaxies by C. S. Stalin 19:42
A QPO in the optical polarization of PKS 2155-304 by N. Pekeur 20:40
Helical Magnetic Fields Associated with AGN Jets by Denise Gabuzda 37:50
A Spectral Index Study of the Jets in MOJAVE by Talvikki Hovatta 51:13
Radio Jets in Seyfert Galaxies with VLBI and FERMI by M. Orienti 34:54
Theoretical Study of the Effects of Magnetic Field Geometry on the... 17:25
The Jet in the Galactic Center: Future Role of mm-VLBI by H. Falcke 37:42
Blazar jets: insights from radio and gamma-ray light curves by Rodrigo Reeves 20:39
Jet Formation and Propagation in FSRQs and BL Lacs by Will Potter 37:47
Short time flux variation of AGNs using NuSTAR by Priyanka Rani 16:33
Constraining Jet Emission Mechanisms with FERMI by Eileen Meyer 28:14
Nature of Multiband Outbursts of Fermi Blazars by Ritaban Chatterjee 16:33
High Energy Flares of Blazars by Vaidehi Paliya 14:24
Probing Magnetic Fields in Blazar Jets from a Radio/Optical Polarization Study by B. Wills 27:35
Extreme flaring activity in S50716+714 in 2014 by Bindu Rani 16:01
On the spectral curvature of 1ES1011+496 by Atreyee Sinha 8:06
Uncorrelated Multi-wavelength Variability of 3C279 by Debbijoy Bhattacharya 11:51
Summary Talk of the Day & Discussion 15:16
Jets from Magnetically Arrested Disks by A. Tchekhovskoy 37:41
The Magnetohydrodynamic Model of the M87 Jet by Masa Nakamura 26:41
Study of the radio spectral properties of 4C 35.06 by K. G. Biju 13:12
Relativistically Beamed Jets and the Blazar Divide by Prajval Shastri 14:00
Jet Deceleration in Radio Galaxies and the FR Dichotomy by M. Perucho 30:24
X-ray Imaging of a Complete Sample of FR II Quasar Jets by H. Marshall 17:02
On X-ray Emission Process from the radio/optical Knots of ... 15:33
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Measuring and Modelling Blazar Variability by P. Wiita 21:02
On AGN outflows based on their associate absorber systems by H Chand 13:43
Summary Talk of the day & Discussion 24:22
Public lecture: Astronomy, Big Data and Human Capital Development by Bernard Fanaroff 1:23:44
Key Radio Unification Steps Before 1980 and Some Related Recent Radio Observations by A. Readhead 31:10
The Jets in the Galactic microquasar by K. Blundell 38:00
Kiloparsec-scale Radio Jets from Spiral Galaxies by J. Bagchi 34:30
Can jets showing bends or wiggles be relativistic? by A. Singal 17:06
3D precessing jet simulations for radio galaxy Hydra A by M. Nawaz 16:06
Jet-mode AGN Feedback with LOFAR by Laura Birzan 28:43
Cold Gas and AGN Jet Feedback in Cluster Cores by Deovrat Prasad 13:08
Connection between BCGs and cluster dynamics by Ruta Kale 18:14
Molecular Outflows in AGN: Role of ALMA by Katey Alatalo 34:22
Jet Feedback on the Hosts of Radio Galaxies by Lauranne Lanz 16:24
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AGN Jet-ISM interaction in early galaxie by Dipanjan Mukherjee 38:59
AGN Jets in distant dusty galaxies by 14:39
Summary Talk of the Jets Meeting by R. Blandford 51:22
After Dinner Speech by Bernard Fanaroff 7:21
Bernard Fanaroff slide 19 0:28

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