(हिन्दी / in Hindi) Learning Urdu Script by Naushad Alam and Ghazaffar Ali (Jamia Millia Islamia)

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source: Cec Ugc    2016年6月29日

Urdu Alphabets, Symbols and Markers 58:36
Non-Connectors and Vowels 54:03
Punctuation and Izaafat 1:00:09
Allographic Shapes and Symbols 59:20
Alif Laam Compounds and Grammar 56:54
Urdu Grammar 59:22
Urdu Grammar -III 58:05
Urdu Grammar - IV 59:34
Urdu Grammar - Imlaa 59:12
Rhetoric 55:44
Rhetoric - III 59:18
Poetic Terms and Particular Words 55:14
Urdu Rasme Khat ki Bunyadi Batein 57:02
Particular Words, their Usages and Compounds 1:00:57
Izaafat aur Zamir 59:52
Learning Urdu Script: Discussion 58:56
Learning Urdu Script: Adjective 59:27

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