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source: International Centre for Theoretical Sciences   2016年4月18日

General Relativity: Beyond insight and elegance to observations and astronomy by Bala Iyer 1:12:14 2015 is the centenary year of the creation of General Relativity, Einstein's relativistic theory of gravitation. General Relativity is not only the epitome of mathematical elegance and conceptual insight, but more importantly observational success leading on to discoveries unravelling the universe we live in. The major successes of the first hundred years will be highlighted and the prospects of what is to come will be indicated. The first detection of gravitational waves by detectors like Advanced LIGO and Virgo is imminent and the routine detection of Gravitational Waves by a global network including LIGO-India in the coming decade will inaugurate Gravitational Wave Astronomy with transformative implications for astrophysics, cosmology and eventually fundamental physics.
LIGO-India: Beyond Gravitational Wave Detection to Gravitational Wave Astronomy by Bala Iyer 1:07:33
Einstein's General Relativity: From Insight to Inspiration by Bala Iyer 1:10:54
Einstein's legacy, and the search for gravitational waves by Bruce Allen 1:23:25
String Theory and the Search for Quantum Spacetime by Rajesh Gopakumar 1:15:31
Black Holes, Waves of Gravity, and other Warped Ideas of Dr. Einstein by Clifford M Will 1:52:43
When LIGO heard the two black holes talking by Chandrakant Mishra 1:28:03
The End of Space-time and Beyond by Spenta R. Wadia 2:18:17

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