Workshop on Stellar Dynamics in Galactic Nuclei (2017)

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source: Institute for Advanced Study              2017年12月8日
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20:25 Investigating the relativistic ...the galactic center
44:55 An Update on Monitoring Stellar Orbits in the Galactic Center
37:25 Our Galactic Center: A Unique Laboratory for the Physics & Astrophysics of Black Holes
23:47 Dynamics in the galactic center - the effect of binaries
21:13 Tidal disruption events from eccentric nuclear disks
19:54 Tidal Capture Runaway and the Formation of Seed Massive Black Holes
21:17 Tidal Disruption Event Rates: Diagnostics of Stellar Dynamics Inside the Sphere of Influence
47:37 Gravitational Wave Sources in Galactic Nuclei
25:22 Black hole mergers in nuclear star clusters
10 19:19 Seed binary black hole production and coalescence in disks around AGN's
11 23:49 Binary dynamics within galactic nuclei
12 20:39 On the Rate of Black Hole Binary Mergers in Galactic Nuclei due to Dynamical Hardening
13 24:33 The gravitational capture of compact objects by Kerr supermassive black holes
14 22:09 Stellar winds near massive black holes: The case of the S-stars
15 22:52 Kinetic theory of stellar systems
16 45:47 Kinetic Theory in Galactic Centers
17 24:06 Modelling the eccentric disc of M31
18 51:01 Whither Resonant Relaxation?
19 29:30 Equilibrium and stability of differentially rotating stellar systems
20 22:59 Radial orbit and loss cone instabilities in spherical systems
21 47:26 Supermassive BHs Mergers
22 24:33 Dynamical friction and ...the final hundred-parsec problem
23 22:47 Implications of the eccentric Kozai-Lidov ...black hole binaries
24 27:47 Dynamics of massive black hole triplets: promising sources for LISA and pulsar timing
25 22:54 Observational Constraints on the Formation and Evolution of the Milky Nuclear Star Cluster
26 20:37 The stellar cusp around the Milky Way’s central black hole
27 43:30 Galaxy collision simulations with central Post Newtonian Supermassive Binary Black Holes
28 25:22 Direct Million-body Simulation of the Galactic Center
29 21:46 Ergodicity in Chaotic Self-Gravitating Systems
30 19:41 Hierarchical triple systems: Effects of higher multipoles and general relativity
31 21:54 Hypervelocity stars in the GAIA era
32 19:03 Secular dynamics and systematic eccentricity changes of inspiraling IMBHs
33 33:37 The Ecology of the Galactic Center

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