Alister McGrath--Religion - Science, Faith and God: The Big Questions

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source: GreshamCollege        2015年10月19日
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01 48:32 From Wonder to Understanding: Beginning a Journey
A personal and intensive examination of Professor McGrath’s journey to faith: http://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and...
This lecture considers the sense of wonder that many experience in looking at the natural world, and explores how this can lead to both science and religious faith – and sometimes both. It will examine the role of theories in science and religion, and how these can lead to a deeper appreciation of the beauty of the natural world.
The lecture will consider the general relation of science and faith, including reflecting on the current status of the “warfare” model, before moving on to consider more reliable accounts, including “multiple maps of reality” (Mary Midgley), “multiple narratives about life” (Christian Smith) and “multiple levels within reality” (Roy Bhaskar). The lecture will also consider Karl Popper’s notion of “ultimate questions” , and reflect on how these questions can be answered by science and religion. The lecture will ultimately consider the existential importance of these questions, and how human beings appear to have some inbuilt instinct or intuition that such questions are both important, and answerable – however provisionally.
02 49:01 Faith, Proof and Evidence: What’s right to think?
03 57:23 Cosmology and Creation: How do they relate to one another? 
04 56:19 Darwin, Evolution and God: The Present Debates
05 57:40 Religion, Morality and Meaning 
06 54:29 Why God Won't Go Away

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