Sir Geoffrey Nice--Law - Law and Lawyers, Not All Bad? (2015-2016)

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source: GreshamCollege          2015年10月15日
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 Gaza-Israel: The Legal and the Military View
Have War Crimes been committed in the Gaza-Israel conflict? What is the legal and the military view? http://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and...
‘War Crimes’ – do we use the term too casually? Commentators have usually assumed the Israel-Palestine armed conflict might be lawful, even if individual incidents on both sides attracted condemnation. But is that assumption right? May the conflict lack legality, on one or both sides?
The 2014 Israeli-Gaza conflict allows exploration of some of the underlying issues. General Nick Parker explains how he advised Geoffrey Nice to approach the conflict’s legality from a military point of view. Geoffrey Nice explains what conclusions he then reached. Were war crimes committed by either side?
40:37 Gaza-Israel: Panel Discussion 
 Does the Citizen have the Right to Protest on the High Seas?  
 Prison and Why We Send People There: Does it Work? Should it? 
 Sex and the Law  
 Law and Lawyers - not all bad? A Life in the Law - not all good? 
55:57 Human Rights: Whether in Europe or out? -

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