Conference - The History of Statistics

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source: GreshamCollege     2014年11月7日
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01 32:38 Florence Nightingale and her Crimean War Statistics - Professor Lynn McDonald
Professor McDonald will discusses the history and the myth surrounding the 'Lady with the Lamp': http://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and...
This lecture highlights particularly the brilliant work she did in analysis of Crimean War statistics. This work paved the way for the first truely modern hospitals.
This is part of the 2014 Gresham College/ British Society of the History of Mathematics conference.
02 43:32 Some History of Latin Squares in Experiments - Professor R. A. Bailey 
03 45:37 Karl Pearson's Gresham Lectures on Geometry (1890-1894) - Dr Eileen Magnello

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