The Philosophy of Cosmology International Conference, Tenerife September 2014

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source: PhilosophyCosmology      2015年3月26日

Philosophy of Cosmology Carlo Rovelli - The preferred time direction in the dynamics of the full universe 51:42
Philosophy of Cosmology Henrik Zinkernagel - Time, Aesthetics and the Limits of Cosmology 48:35
Philosophy of Cosmology Joel Primack - Cosmological Structure Formation 48:48
Philosophy of Cosmology Joe Silk - Welcome Introduction 5:57
Philosophy of Cosmology Simon Saunders - Website Presentation 6:21
Philosophy of Cosmology David Wallace - The Nature of the Past Hypothesis  52:37
Philosophy of Cosmology Bob Wald - Gravity and Thermodynamics 45:59
Philosophy of Cosmology Jean-Philippe Uzan - Fundamental Structures of Effective Theories 49:18
Philosophy of Cosmology Daniel Sudarsky - Quantum Origin of Cosmological Structure and Dynamical Reduction Theories 47:48
Philosophy of Cosmology Ward Struyve - Towards a Novel Approach to Semi-Classical Gravity 23:21
Philosophy of Cosmology Chris Smeenk - Testing Inflation  45:17
Philosophy of Cosmology Joe Silk - Fundamental Issues in Galaxy Formation  43:41
Philosophy of Cosmology Martin Sahlen - On Probability and Cosmology 18:16
Philosophy of Cosmology Dean Zimmerman, Jennan Ismael & Tim Maudlin - Round Table 4 49:34
Philosophy of Cosmology Janna Levin, Priya Natarajan, Claus Beisbart & Pedro Ferreira - Round Table 3 48:12
Philosophy of Cosmology Bill Unruh & Eric Curiel - Round Table 2 50:12
Philosophy of Cosmology David Albert - Big and Small  45:00
Philosophy of Cosmology Shelly Goldstein, Carlo Rovelli & David Wallace - Round Table 1  48:12
Philosophy of Cosmology Rafael Rebolo - The Polorisation of the Cosmic Microwave Background: Perspectives and Challenges  46:54
Philosophy of Cosmology Brian Pitts - Progress and Gravity  49:42
Philosophy of Cosmology Don Page - Cosmological Ontology and Epistemology 46:42
Philosophy of Cosmology Barry Loewer - Metaphysics of Laws & Time in Cosmology  49:56
Philosophy of Cosmology Ofer Lahav - The Enigma of Dark Matter and Dark Energy: Have we been here before? 45:21
Philosophy of Cosmology Jim Hartle - The Return of the Observer in Quantum Cosmology  44:39
Philosophy of Cosmology George Ellis - Observability and Testability in cosmology and Cosmology: what are the Limits of Science  57:00
Philosophy of Cosmology Cian Dorr & Frank Arntzenius - Self-locating Beliefs in Infinite Worlds  52:41
Philosophy of Cosmology Sean Carroll - What Happens Inside the Wave Function? - or - Searching for Reality in Everettian Cosmology 48:47
Philosophy of Cosmology Bernard Carr - Black holes, Cosmology and the limits of Science  57:31
Philosophy of Cosmology John Barrow - Some Generalities about Generality  46:11
Philosophy of Cosmology Luke Barnes - A Beginner's Guide to Cosmological Speculation  54:25
Philosophy of Cosmology Tom Banks - Holographic Space Time and Cosmology  45:25

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