Analytic Pragmatism (Robert Brandom)

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source: Philosophical Overdose     2013年4月18日
Analytic Pragmatism (Robert Brandom)
This lecture series is from Robert Brandom's 2005-2006 John Locke lectures titled "Between Saying and Doing: Towards an Analytic Pragmatism".

Brandom on Extending the Project of Analysis (with John McDowell) 2:45:49 Robert Brandom gives a talk titled "Extending the Project of Analysis" and John McDowell then goes on to comment on it.
Brandom on the Expressive Role of Logic (with John MacFarlane) 2:38:15
Brandom on AI & Analytic Pragmatism (with Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer) 2:30:21
Brandom on Modality & Normativity: From Hume & Quine to Kant & Sellars (with Huw Price) 2:28:37
Brandom on Incompatibility, Modal Semantics & Intrinsic Logic (with Jaroslav Peregrin) 2:34:26
Brandom on Intentionality as a Pragmatically Mediated Semantic Relation (with Sebastian Rödl) 2:30:23

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