Thermodynamics by Harry Bhadeshia at Cambridge University

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source: bhadeshia123      2011年4月23日
A complete course on thermodynamics, focusing particularly on the solid state. A great deal of associated information including lecture notes, slides, books can be downloaded freely from:

Elementary Thermodynamic Functions 45:27 Thermodynamic functions such as heat capacity, internal energy, enthalpy, entropy, free energy are introduced. These concepts are important in many aspects of life, but are described here in the context of phase equilibria...
Thermodynamic Equilibrium between Solutions 32:45
Thermodynamic Models of Solutions 34:27
Thermodynamics of Mechanical Alloying 30:17
Computer Calculation of Phase Diagrams 27:30
Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes 29:37
Thermodynamics: Quasichemical Solution Model 17:20
Spinodal decomposition 3:01

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