Kinetics by Harry Bhadeshia at the University of Cambridge

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source: bhadeshia123     2011年4月23日
The kinetic theory of transformations, including nucleation, growth, interphase response functions, overall transformation kinetics, simultaneous transformations, phase field theory.

Introduction to Diffusion 48:14 Diffusion is the migration of atoms. We deal here with the elementary rules of diffusion, including the first and second Fick's laws, solutions to these laws and structure dependent diffusion in the solid-state. Slide: http://www.msm.cam.ac.uk/2002/MP6-3.ppt
Thermodynamics of Diffusion 26:44
Kinetics: Diffusion-Controlled Growth 23:40
Interface Response Functions 30:08
Overall Transformation Kinetics 42:02
Simultaneous transformations: overall transformation kinetics 33:23
Creep Resistant Steels 56:51
Kinetics: Phase Field Modelling 27:12
Spinodal decomposition 3:01

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