The Making of the Modern Arab World by Khaled Fahmy at AUC (2012)

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source: AUC     2012年9月12日
HIST 247 | The Making of the Modern Arab World
In this course, professor Khaled Fahmy examines the histories, cultures and societies of the Arab World. It starts by offering a brief historical overview of the Ottoman background to the modern Arab World, passing through the colonial period in the nineteenth century to the present post-colonial period in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The course delves in detail in the main themes that shaped modern Arab history: the fall of the Ottoman world and the rise of the modern "Middle East" following the First World War; the struggle for independence in the Inter-War period; Zionism, Israel and the struggle for Palestine; the failure of the post-independence states in the Arab World; the "Peace Process"; the politics of oil; the triumph of political Islam; and the Arab Spring.

Introduction | 03.09.2012 1:03:32
Introduction | 06.09.2012 1:04:49
The Ottomans | 10.09.2012 59:50
The Ottoman Empire II | 13.09.12 1:11:29
Muhammad Ali Basha | 17.09.2012 39:54
19th Century I Clash of Civilizations Or European Imperialism | 08.10.2012 1:04:20
Colonialism and revolution in the Middle East before WWI | 11.10.2012 1:04:55
WWI and the Birth of the Middle East | 15.10.2012 1:05:52
The Middle East in the Wake of WW1 PT2 | 01.11.2012 41:46
Muhammad Ali Basha II | 4.10.2012 1:06:40
The Middle East in the Wake of WW1 PT3 | 08.11.2012  57:36
The First World War & The Birth of the Middle East PT 2 | 18.10.2012 1:10:07
The Struggle for Palestine | 12.11.2012 58:29
The Middle East in the wake of WW1 PT 1 | 22.10.2012 1:09:32
The struggle for Palestine 1919- 1949 | 26.11.2012 1:03:30
The Debate on 1948 and The Rise of Nasser | 29.11.2012 1:15:19
Islam and Politics | 11.12.2012 1:18:33
The Politics and History of Oil | 10.12.2012 1:14:11

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