Religions of the World by Jason Blum at AUC (2013)

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source: AUC     2013年6月12日
CREL 210 | Religions of the World by Jason Blum at AUC
The religions of the world have played a pervasive and profound role in shaping human history. They have defined societies, encouraged (and resisted) intellectual, economic, and cultural change, and been powerful influences in the realm of politics. In the contemporary world, this is no less true. Despite predictions that religion would gradually become less powerful a force in human culture and society (the "secularization thesis"), religion appears to be just as influential today as at virtually any other time in history. A brief glance at major news stories of the day might even suggest that in some ways, religion is more important today than it was half a century ago. This class has two goals. The first is to introduce students to many of the religions of the world, including the major figures, ideas, and events that define them. Religions, however, are not static entities -- they change through time, are imported and exported to other parts of the world, and respond to the progression of history in complex and sometimes contradictory ways. Therefore, this class will also focus on how religions have changed through history, and specifically how they have responded to globalization (the process by which human cultures and societies have come into increasing contact with each other) and modernity (the complex of social, intellectual, and political changes that heralded the birth of the "modern world," such as the development of science and the creation of the nation state). We will examine religions diachronically, focusing both on their major defining features and how they have changed over time.

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