Digital Circuit Design by Nonie Politi at UNSW

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source: UNSWelearning     2011年3月17日
ELEC2141 Digital Circuit Design
<p>Digital systems are an integral part of many areas of engineering and technology such as personal computers, digital signal processing, telecommunications, speech analysis and recognition, and control systems. The objectives of this course are to provide students with the necessary fundamental skills to design and analyze digital circuits in the real world. At the completion of the course, students should be in a position to be able to design and build reliable and cost-effective digital systems.</p>
<p>This course is a second-year subject in the school of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. It is a core subject for students following a BE (Electrical) or (Telecommunications) program.</p>
<p>The course aims to provide students with fundamental knowledge of digital systems with respect to several different levels of abstraction – from a low-level dealing with electrical circuits through to a high-level dealing with software tools and hardware description languages.</p>

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