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source: The Physiological Society    2016年9月1日
Symposium organised by Damian Miles Bailey at Physiology 2015 in Cardiff, UK
Experimental Physiology publishes high quality, original, physiological research papers that give novel insights into fundamental homeostatic and adaptive responses in health and papers that further our knowledge of pathophysiological mechanisms in diseases. We welcome papers that embrace the journal's orientation of translation and integration.
This channel includes audio editorials and meeting reports.

The brain in hypoxia; curiosity, cause and consequence 6:11
How to publish your data- Session 2: Alicia McDonough 25:08
How to publish your data- Session 1: Alan Batterham 22:10
Circadian regulation of cardiovascular and kidney function 6:06
Pedro Jose M.D., Ph.D.: Gastro-Renal Communication 4:50
Sex differences in the physiology of exercise: An integrative perspective (A Symposium introduction) 7:08
Skeletal muscle adaptations to endurance training: Is tissue hypoxia the main signal? 6:47
Can you reproduce your data? 44:08
Oxygen transport adaptations to exercise in native highland populations 7:24
The role of renal nerves in cardiovascular and renal function 7:40
The heart is lost without the brain- The autonomic perspective 11:03
The role of chemoreceptors during pathophysiology 6:28
Genes count: attenuated cerebral vasodilator capacity in young African Americans 4:49
Novel regulatory mechanisms in muscle metabolism during exercise 6:24
Experimental Physiology meeting report: Physiological and pathophysiological signalling... 7:48
Experimental Physiology meeting report: Contributions of skeletal muscle myopathy to heart failure 9:56
Experimental Physiology meeting report: Myometrial physiology - time to translate? 11:58
Experimental Physiology meeting report: Genomes, genes and genetics 13:22
Experimental Physiology meeting report: Neuroendocrine regulation of the mammalian reproductive axis 9:17
Experimental Physiology meeting report: Hypoxic pulmonary hypertension 5:22
Experimental Physiology meeting report: In vivo assessment of cardiac function in rodents 4:17
Experimental Physiology: Online launch January 2013 6:01

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