Design at Large Lecture Series

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source: Calit2ube    2014年10月16日
The Design at Large lecture series is organized by CSE Prof. Scott Klemmer, and hosted by the Qualcomm Institute.

Nathan Eng- Metacognition, Hypermedia Diagrams and the Evolution of Design 1:02:51
Design at Large - Scott Klemmer 57:29
Design at Large: A Horse Designed by Committee - Digital Rhetoric and Institutional Reform 55:46
Understanding Ourselves Through Our Online Behavior - Design At Large lecture series 58:44
Understanding and Bridging the Wikipedia Language Gap 59:30
MOOCs at Stanford: Platforms and Interactions 1:00:57
Design Mining the Web 56:18
Crowds, Computers and Community: Improving Capacity to Innovate 1:05:41
The Power of Friends in Big Data - James H. Fowler - Design at Large Lecture Series 58:23
Hybrid Assemblages, Environments, and Happenings - Eric Paulos - Design at Large 1:04:19
Brian Goldfarb - Design with Care. 45:41
Geof Bowker - Thinking Big 1:18:18
ChisLeDantec 1:28:44
Christian Sandvig - Infrastructural Reversals 1:27:03
Seth Lerer - The History of the Book and the Idea of Design 1:20:44
Aimi Hamraie - Sloped Technoscience 1:17:11
Design at Large - Judith Donath, Designer Framings 1:16:16
Design at Large - David Kirsh, Thinking with your Body and Other Things 1:04:17
Design at Large, Wendy Ju - Creating Connections 1:08:59
Design at Large - Scott Klemmer 58:37
Design at Large- Gad Shaanan, The #1 factor in great design... 1:14:31
Design @ Large - Dan Russell 1:20:39

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