Theoretical Physics (The 34th Jerusalem Winter School)

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source: Israel Institute for Advanced Studies     2016年12月27日
The 34th Jerusalem Winter School in Theoretical Physics

Erez Berg - Topological superconductors Majorana zero modes and their physical realizations (Weizmann Institute of Science) 1:41:54
Subir Sachdev - Introduction to spin systems and intrinsic topological order 1:24:17
Dror Orgad - Symmetry properties of thermoelectric transport of interacting electrons 1:31:57
Sean Hartnoll - Hydrodynamic effects in metals 1:34:29
Erez Berg - Non-Abelian statistics 1:22:22
Subir Sachdev - Spin density wave order 1:40:49
Sean Hartnoll - The memory matrix formalism 1:30:19
Subir Sachdev - Quantum criticality in metals, and connections to many body quantum chaos 1:36:12
Erez Berg - Beyond Majoranas defects in Abelian states and fractionalized Majorana zero modes 1:30:12
Sean Hartnoll - Universal incoherent transport 1:35:48
Sean Hartnoll - Transport in fluctuating symmetry broken phases 1:34:51
Subir Sachdev - The SYK models of strange metals and black holes 1:40:06
Senthil Todadri - Symmetry Protected Topological Phases 1 1:43:44
Nathan Seiberg - Continuum QFT methods in 2+1d 1:41:56
Senthil Todadri - Symmetry Protected Topological Phases 2 1:48:45
Senthil Todadri - Quantum Spin liquids 1:41:56
Andrey Chubakov - Superconductivity from repulsive interaction 1:33:05
Steve Kivelson - Low energy physics of the cuprate high temperature superconductors 1:27:46
Andrey Chubukov - Superconductivity vs. competing orders - renormalization group study 1:34:24
Antoine Georges - Introduction to strong correlations from a Dynamical Mean-Field perspective 1:25:43
Nathan Seiberg - Continuum QFT methods in 2+1d 1:44:54
Antoine Georgies - Hund's metals, bad metals and more 1:30:29
Andrey Chubukov - Superconductivity near a quantum critical point - boson-fermion models 1:32:03
Steve Kivelson - Taking metals seriously 1:26:27
Steve Kivelson - Numerical experiments on model problems 1:33:11
Antoine Georges - Thermoelectric transport from hot metals to cold atoms 1:32:11
Steve Kivelson Stanford University - Effective field theories of intertwined orders 1:43:16

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