“Frontiers in Cell Biology” (The 24th Jerusalem School in Life Sciences)

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source: Israel Institute for Advanced Studies    2016年12月17日
The 24th Jerusalem School in Life Sciences: “Frontiers in Cell Biology”

Tom Rapoport - Structural insights into the mechanism of protein translocation across membranes | Mechanism of ER-associated protein degradation (ERAD) 1:46:24
Tommer Ravid - How misfolded substrates are marked for ERAD? 44:49
Vivek Malhotra - Preview and Perspective 1:24:23
Zvulun Elazar - Regulation of Autophagosome Biogenesis 56:18
Avram Hershko - Lessons from the discovery of the ubiquitin system 49:30
Aharon Ciechanover - The Ubiquitin Proteolytic System 1:07:14
Dana Reichmann - Roles of structural plasticity in chaperone working cycle 42:49
Jim Rothman - Preview and Perspective - Membrane Fusion in the Cell 1:43:40
Nathan Nelson - Photosynthetic reaction centers structure, function and evolution 55:58
Kim Nasmyth - How is DNA woven into chromosomes 50:44
Kim Nasmyth - How does cohesin hold DNAs together 1:03:46
Alexander Levitzki - Overcoming resistance to targeted cancer therapy 44:51
Natalie balaban - Single cell variablility and the evolution of drug tolerance 1:01:12
Jesper Svejstrup - the DNA damage response transcription and mRNA splicing 1:12:59
Eran Elinav - Host microbiome interactions in health and disease 1:03:05
Michal Schwartz - Contemporary aspects of brain Immunity and fighting neurodegenerative diseases 1:23:12

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