Theology III (2011) by Bob Saucy at Biola University

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source: BiolaUniversity     2011年9月28日
Theology III (TTTH 613), Dr. Bob Saucy
The person and saving work of Christ. The nature and application of salvation including the person and work of the Spirit. Special emphasis on the practice of sanctification in personal Christian living.

The Doctrine of Salvation 1:10:24
Christ's Emotions 1:03:11
Christ Emptying Himself 1:00:46
The Personhood of Christ 1:13:45
The Significance of Christ Being God and Man 1:12:51
The Divinity of Christ 1:12:24
The Heart of Atonement, Part 1 1:09:24
The Heart of Atonement, Part 2 1:14:15
Limited Atonement: Arminianism vs Calvinism 1:07:50
Election: Do We Search Out God? 1:06:45
Election: Arminianism vs Calvinism 1:06:55
Conditions of Salvation 1:08:26
The Truth About Faith 1:11:07
Is Doubting Sinning? 1:06:07
Conversion: Where does it start? 1:03:56
Being Born Again 1:10:11
Penalty of Sin 1:12:28
Post Salvation 42:34
Justification 1:04:58
Spiritual Adoption 1:09:20
New Covenant With God 1:03:15
The Suffering Christian 30:44
Demons 1:01:39
Salvation 1:05:41

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