2015 Programs at Yale University Art Gallery

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source: Yale University Art Gallery    2015年11月3日
The Gallery offers a variety of lectures, panel discussions, and talks that place our collection and exhibitions in the broader context of history and culture. Speakers include curators, scholars, artists, critics, writers, and others engaged with the world of art and ideas. Programs range from lectures for a general audience to symposia with a scholarly focus. Concerts, film screenings, dramatic performances, and literary readings connect the art on view at the Gallery with other forms of expression. Master classes provide an opportunity to explore works of art in an intimate classroom setting with a curator, educator, or guest scholar. Please check our online calendar for a full listing of lectures and other events

Fruit, Flowers, and Lucky Strikes: The Still Life in American Culture 59:56
Once disdained as possessing only “a petty, imitative monkey talent” (as described by the artist John Opie in 1848), still-life painters gained respect through the 19th century as they celebrated America’s new culture of abundance. In the post–Civil War era, painters of the first rank—John La Farge, William Michael Harnett—adopted the still life as a major mode of expression. By the 20th century, in the hands of artists such as Paul Strand, Stuart Davis, and Georgia O’Keeffe, it had become a medium for innovation. In this lecture, Carol Troyen, B.A. 1971, M.A. 1974, Ph.D. 1979, the Kristin and Roger Servison Curator Emerita of American Paintings, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, examines the evolution of the still life from marginal subject to a genre essential to modernism. Followed by a reception. Generously sponsored by the Oswaldo Rodriguez Roque Memorial Fund.
Velázquez’s Masterpieces in Seville and Some New Proposals 1:04:44
William Kentridge: Peripheral Thinking 1:00:24
Gallery+ Newspeak 47:50
Homes of the American Presidents 1:11:48
The Challenge of Building a National Museum 1:06:48
Andrew Carnduff Ritchie Lecture, A Conversation with Mike Leigh 1:24:08
For Silver, for Country, and for Yale: Francis P. Garvan and the Politics of Collecting 35:50
Painting Techniques: From Rembrandt to Vermeer 1:08:08
Rembrandt (1936): Conversation with Francesco Casetti and John Walsh 31:19
Song without Words: The Romantic Experience 1:25:28
Attempting Impossibles: Hazlitt on Turner and Blake 1:04:27
The Material World in 17th-Century Dutch Painting 38:27

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