2016 Programs at Yale University Art Gallery

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source: Yale University Art Gallery    2016年9月22日
2016 Programs at Yale University Art Gallery
The Gallery offers a variety of lectures, panel discussions, and talks that place our collection and exhibitions in the broader context of history and culture. Speakers include curators, scholars, artists, critics, writers, and others engaged with the world of art and ideas. Programs range from lectures for a general audience to symposia with a scholarly focus. Concerts, film screenings, dramatic performances, and literary readings connect the art on view at the Gallery with other forms of expression. Master classes provide an opportunity to explore works of art in an intimate classroom setting with a curator, educator, or guest scholar. Please check our online calendar for a full listing of lectures and other events

Making a Masterpiece: The Royal Inca Tunic at Dumbarton Oaks 1:09:18
The royal Inca tunic at Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, in Washington, D.C., has long been recognized as the single most important artifact to have survived from the Inca civilization. Examining this tremendously complex work of art yields a richer appreciation of Inca artistic practices, aesthetics, and color theory. In this lecture, Andrew J. Hamilton, Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow in the Society of Fellows and Lecturer in the Department of Art and Archaeology at Princeton University, New Jersey, shares new research on this fascinating object.
Presented in conjunction with the exhibition Weaving and the Social World: 3,000 Years of Ancient Andean Textiles and sponsored by the Martin A. Ryerson Fund.
Studying American Furniture in the Present 49:35
Friendship, Enslavement, and Persistence: Indigenous Relations with the “Wautaconâuog-Coatmen” 52:22
Yale at Yosemite: A Conversation across University Collections 1:08:03
American Irony: Religious Freedom and Slavery in Colonial Newport 1:24:23
Recollections of a Great Musical Weekend in New Haven 57:49
Rembrandt’s Debut in Amsterdam 1:04:12
Rembrandt the Dramatist and the Heart of the Matter 1:01:12
The “Most Bizarre Manner”: Rembrandt’s Etchings 1:08:16
Rembrandt Presents Himself 1:01:24
Past Tense 1:04:43
Rembrandt’s Syndics and His Later Portraits 54:48
The Jewish Bride: Rembrandt’s Surfaces and Depths 53:49
“To Bigotry No Sanction” 51:41
Rustic or Refined: The Arts of Renaissance France 1:02:47
The World’s Oldest Church: Bible, Art, and Ritual at Dura-Europos, Syria 1:15:24
The Nok Terracotta Enigma 1:20:25
Yale University Art Gallery 10,000 Member Celebration - June 26, 2016 5:05
Francisco Goya’s Prints in Context 55:22
Dissembling Earth in Yoruba Visual Culture 1:18:34
How Dutch Painters Invented Atmosphere 1:01:36
Rembrandt’s “Three Crosses” 1:02:33
RoseLee Goldberg on Dada and Dance 1:22:04
Frans Post: Bringing Home the New World 37:17
Peter Paul Rubens, Rembrandt van Rijn, and the Spousal Model-Muse 52:24
From Paris to Tahiti: Paul Gauguin’s Innovative Prints 1:03:25

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