Theology I (2011) by Erik Thoennes at Biola University

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source: BiolaUniversity    2011年2月19日
Theology I (BBST 251), Dr. Erik Thoennes.
Dr. Erik Thoennes teaches this introductory class to Theology, which includes topics such as the Biblical doctrines of God, Christ, man, and sin, with reference to the history and development of Christian theology.

Introduction 53:41
Introduction, Part 2 57:58
The Knowability of God 1:08:09
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Moralistic Therapeutic Deism 1:06:13
Doing Theology 1:00:22
The Character of God 1:00:31
The Jealousy of God 55:43
Doctrine of the Trinity 1:10:26
The Doctrine of Creation 45:59
The Doctrine of Humanity 1:03:27
Humanity and The Image of God 1:07:38
The Image of God, Part II 52:11
The Providence of God 1:02:45
Doctrine of Sin 59:08
Who is Jesus? 53:35
The Deity of Christ: Son of Man 59:59
The Apostle's Creed 39:01
The Duality of Jesus' Humanity and Divinity 1:03:14
Human Beings in the Image of God 50:34
Creation: Males and Females 1:03:30
The Doctrine of Sin 58:03
The Reversal of Fortune 57:37
The Doctrine of Jesus - Part 1 42:16
The Doctrine of Jesus - Part 2 1:05:28
The Four Affirmations of Biblical Christology 1:00:10
The Humanity of Christ 58:31
The Humanity of Christ - Part 2 58:27
Unity of the Nature of God 1:04:41

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