The Ada Lovelace Bicentenary Lectures on Computability

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source: Israel Institute for Advanced Studies    2016年1月31日
The Ada Lovelace Bicentenary Lectures on Computability, 2015-2016
Organized by Jack Copeland, Eli Dresner and Diane Proudfoot

Augusta Ada Lovelace, acclaimed as the world’s first computer programmer, was born on 10th December 1815. Daughter of the poet Byron, Lovelace collaborated with Victorian inventor Charles Babbage, who envisioned steam-age computers built out of cogwheels. She died at the tragically young age of 36. Two centuries later, her contributions are being celebrated in a series of 16 international lectures by leading computer scientists, historians and philosophers. www.tinyurl.com/lovelace-lectures

Lecture 1 - Computability in the Footsteps of Turing - A Personal Trip David Harel 1:03:11
Lecture 2 - What is an algorithm? Yuri Gurevich 1:14:30
Lecture 3 - Humans, Machines, and the Future of Work Moshe Y. Vardi 1:15:37
Lecture 4 - Explorations in Universality Scott Aaronson 1:09:13
Lecture 5 - Weizac - An Interim Adventure Between Ada and Responsa Aviezri Fraenkel 27:10
Lecture 7 - Zero Knowledge Proofs and Applications Michael Rabin 1:09:13
Lecture 8 - From Aristotle to the iPhone Moshe Y. Vardi 1:20:19
Lecture 9 - When Does a Slime Mould Compute? Susan Stepney 1:03:51
Lecture 10 - Evolved Construction-kits for Building Minds, Part I 1:13:53
Lecture 10 - Evolved Construction-kits for Building Minds, Part II 1:02:34
Lecture 11 - Proving the Church-Turing Thesis Nachum Dershowitz 1:16:36
Lecture 12 - Structure in the Theory of Computing Avi Wigderson 1:23:00
Lecture 13 - How to Build an Insecure System out of Perfectly Good Cryptography Radia Perlman 1:32:30

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