Quantum Field Theory, String Theory and Beyond (2016)

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source: Israel Institute for Advanced Studies   2016年2月28日
Quantum Field Theory, String Theory and Beyond
February 28 - March 3, 2016
Ofer Aharony (Weizmann Institute of Science )
Eliezer Rabinovici (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
A conference on "Quantum Field Theory and String Theory" will take place February 28 - March 3, 2016, at the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
The conference will include talks on the latest developments in all aspects of quantum field theory and string theory.
The first two days of the conference, February 28 and 29, will be devoted to a celebration of David Gross's 75th birthday.

Curtis Callan -The statistics of diversity in the immune system: Of mice and men, T-cells and B-cells (Princeton University) 43:00
Andrew Strominger (Harvard University) Infrared structure of Abelian gauge theory 46:19
Lars Brink (Chalmers University of Technology) Exceptional Symmetries vs. Spacetime Symmetries 45:20
Alexander Polyakov (Princeton University) Impossible Hyperbolae 48:07
Lars Bildsten - Hearing the Stars: New Insights into Stellar Interiors from Astroseismology 35:24
John Iliopoulos (LPTENS) SU(N) gauge theories and non-commutative geometry 25:29
Hirosi Ooguri (Caltech) Characterizing the Swampland 40:38
Gary Horowitz (UCSB) New Insights into Quantum Gravity from Holography 43:17
Spenta Wadia - The S-matrix in Chern-Simons + matter theories 40:51
Erik Verlinde (University of Amsterdam) Emergent Gravity and the Dark Universe 41:57
Edouard Brezin (LPTENS) 45 years after 39:34
Igor Klebanov (Princeton University) The Gross-Neveu Model Above Two Dimensions 41:12
Marc Henneaux - Hyperbolic Coxeter groups and Hidden Symmetries of Gravity 41:08
Nathan Seiberg IAS Princeton Gapped Boundary Phases of Topological Insulators via Weak Coupling 47:01
Tom Banks - From Asymptotic Darkness to Holographic Space Time 44:15
Francois Englert - On the quantum fate of horizons and the fuzzball hypothesis 45:04
Eliezer Rabinovici (HUJI) Remarks on geometry singularities and their complexity 48:42
Summary of David Gross Birthday Celebration 25:18
Sean Hartnoll- Hydrodynamic theory of phase-fluctuating superconductivity 43:51
Mikhail Shifman- Ten-dimensional critical string as a soliton in four- dimensional super- 42:53
Eva Silverstein - Massive particle production and oscillatory non- Gaussianity searches 36:25
Mikhail Shifman-Ten-dimensional critical string as a soliton in four- dimensional super 45:36
Shiraz Minwalla - A Charged Membrane Paradigm at large D 44:07
Laurence Yaffe (University of Washington) Lessons from Numerical Holography 46:20
Andrew Strominger (Harvard University) Bekenstein Memorial Lecture at Faculty of Physics -  1:10:55
Nima Arkani-Hamed (IAS Princeton) Review: “The Future of Particle Physics” 1:43:43
Kyriakos Papadodimas - On black hole horizons and complementarity 38:44
Daniel Harlow (Harvard University) Wormholes, Emergent Gauge Fields, and the Weak Gravity Conjecture 50:52
Zohar Komargodski- Trace Anomalies and the Correlation Functions of Coulomb Branch Operators 48:16
Nadav Drukker- The superconformal index of N=4 SYM, exact results from a Fermi gas 44:18
Rajesh Gopakumar - String Theory as a Higher Spin Theory 52:55
Dieter Lust (LMU and MPI, Munich) Classical and quantum black hole hair 39:42
Leonardo Rastelli- Review : Conformal Bootstrap 1:35:35
Nikita A. Nekrasov -Sewn gauge theories 40:10
Jeffrey Harvey (University of Chicago) What is moonshine trying to tell us? 44:54

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