A Lasting Vision: Dandin’s Mirror in the World of Asian Letters

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source: Israel Institute for Advanced Studies     2015年12月17日
A Lasting Vision: Dandin’s Mirror in the World of Asian Letters

Yigal Bronner -Patterns in a Hall of Mirrors : Preliminary Report  (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) 1:08:50
Andrew Ollett -Sanskrit as a metalanguage for literature in Dandin’s Mirror 1:03:05
Gary A. Tubb -Yamaka in Dandin's Poetics 1:00:26
David Shulman & Jennifer Clare : Tamil Theory After Dandin: 1:01:55
Anne Monius -According to Tantiyar: Paraphrasing the Kavyadarsa in the Viracoliyam 1:02:02
Jean-Luc Chevillard - On the Prehistory and Early History of Alankarasastra in Tamil 59:29
Sarod Concert by Tom Hunter and Ram Hadar 1:45:37
Dragomir Dimitrov-- The Jewel Mind and His Studies of the Kavyadarsa 57:36
Alastair Gornall - Mad Peacock Devotees and the Cloudlike Buddha: 56:06
P.B. Meegaskumbura & Charles Hallisey - From Textual Community to Tradition: 1:04:15
Round Table Discussion (DanDin Chavruta) 1:20:53
Sarah Pierce Taylor - The Afterlife of the Way: 1:01:44
Deven Patel -The Mirror Reflected in the Way: Ornaments in the Kavirajamarga and the Kavyadarsa 1:03:02
Gil Ben Herut-The King's Embellishments and Embellishment of the King 1:00:30
Pema Bhum (Latse Library), Janet Gyatso (Harvard University) Beyond the Gossip: 1:10:02
Vesna A. Wallace (University of California at Santa Barbara) Dandin's Kavyadarsa in Mongolia 55:35
Victor H. Mair (University of Pennsylvania) Mirror Metaphor in Chinese Literature 1:06:47
Shenghai Li- Kukai's Bunkyo hifuron and Traces of Dandin in East Asia 1:16:53
Lawrence McCrea (Cornell University) Dandin and the Kashmiris 1:05:40
Whitney Cox (University of Chicago) Reading Dandin in Hoysala Kannanur 54:36
Luther Obrock -Form as Polemic: Intellectual Debates and the Legacy of the Kavyadarsa in South India 1:01:21
Thibaut D’Hubert-Riddles and Rhetoric from Pala Bengal to Konbaung Burma: Dandin and Dharmadasa 1:02:17
[deleted video]
Aleix Ruiz Falqués - The Subodhalankara in the Manisaramanjusa, a 15th-century Abhidhamma 1:04:52
Helen Creese (University of Queensland) Sastra and Prayoga in Old Javanese Kakawin Litreature 1:03:53
Thomas Hunter - In Plain View, a reappraisal of the figures of speech of the Old Javanese Ramayana 59:44
Concluding Discussion Chair: David Shulman 1:38:12

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