Recent Trends in Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems (2012, ICTS)

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source: International Centre for Theoretical Sciences   2013年10月7日
PROGRAM LINK: http://www.icts.res.in/program/ETDS2012
DATES: Tuesday 18 Dec, 2012 - Saturday 29 Dec, 2012
VENUE: Department of Mathematics,Faculty of Science, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara

"Dynamical Systems" is an exciting and very active field in mathematics that involves tools and techniques from many areas. A dynamical system can be obtained by iterating a function or letting evolve in time the solution of an equation. Even if the rule of evolution is deterministic, the long term behavior of the system is often chaotic. Different branches of "Dynamical Systems", in particular "Ergodic Theory", provide tools to quantify this chaotic behavior of the system and to predict it in an average.
This program has been planned in two parts: 7 day Workshop (Dec 18-24, 2012) followed by 4 day Discussion Meeting (Dec 26-29, 2012). The aim is to bring together on one platform experts from around the world who are actively working in various sub-disciplines of Dynamical Systems. An important aspect of the program will be an emphasis on making it accessible to younger participants.

V. Kannan- Foreigners Fascinated By Ancient Mathematics : ETDS2012 INAUGURAL FUNCTION (2) 59:39
Benjamin Weiss - The Isomorphism Problem in Ergodic Theory - Recent Developments 50:56
Amos Nevo - Diophantine approximation, arithmetic groups and ergodic theory 47:28
Jaydev Artherya - Gap Distributions for the Golden L 45:14
Vasili Bernik - New connections between Dynamic Systems 44:44
Naoya Sumi - Diffeomorphisms preserving hyperbolic SRB measures 36:55
Kari Eloranta - Sequences with long range exclusions 40:51
Mythily Ramaswamy - Control of Differential Equations 39:44
Alexander Gorodnik - Z^K - actions on nilmanifolds and Diophantine approximation 41:41
Arnaldo Nogueria - Classical homogeneous multidimensional continued fraction algorithms are ergodic 55:59
Jon Aaronson - Rational weak mixing in infinite measure spaces 43:37
Barak Weiss - Examples for the horocycle owon moduli spaces 47:59
V. Kannan - Coexistence of cycle lengths for linear operators 27:03
Elon Lindenstrauss - Talk about Prof. Dani's work - 2 47:56
Francois Ledrappier - Talk about Prof. Dani's work - 1 33:49
EADS2012 27DEC 51:56
Cultural program Artists from Faculty of Performing Arts 56:52
Elon Lindenstrauss - An effective proof of the Oppenheim Conjecture 54:58
Francois Ledrappier - Entropies and rigidities of compact manifolds 46:08
Kazuhiro Sakai - Measure expansive diffeomorphisms 50:27
S. G. Dani - Lattice subgroup actions and diophantine approximation with binary quadratic forms 1:00:09
Riddhi Shah - Embeddability of infinitely divisible probability measures on Lie groups 29:07
Ravindra Kulkarni - Inductive Construction of Representations of Finite Solvable Groups 33:47
S. G. Dani - Lattice subgroup actions and diophantine approximation with binary quadratic forms (2) 32:09
Nimish Shah - Equidistribution and counting on orbits of geometrically infi nite hyperbolic groups 52:14
Tom Ward - Group automorphisms from a dynamical point of view 49:10
Mahesh Nerurkar - 36:49
Pralay Chatterjee 44:22
Vadim Kaimanovich - Random graphs, stochastic homogenization and equivalence relations 37:28
Tarun Das - C^1 - generically continuum - wise expansive homoclinic classes are hyperbolic 27:53

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