Reasonable Faith UK Tour 2011 (Complete & Chronological)

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source: The Reasonable Faith Tour (UK)     2012年8月1日
This playlist features the complete archive of Dr William Lane Craig's speaking engagements from The Reasonable Faith Tour 2011: from debates to lectures, Q&A and conference discussions. Now presented in chronological order. For more resources from Dr Craig visit: www.reasonablefaith.org

"Does God Exist?" William Lane Craig vs Stephen Law. Westminster Central Hall, London, October 2011 1:57:31
William Lane Craig: The Evidence for God. Imperial College, London, October 2011 1:11:25
William Lane Craig: Can we be good without God? SOAS, London, October 2011 1:07:20
William Lane Craig: The Origins of the Universe - Has Hawking Eliminated God? Cambridge October 2011 1:39:35
WL Craig, PS Williams vs. A Copson, A Ahmed - Cambridge Union Society God Debate, Oct 2011 1:31:17
William Lane Craig vs Peter Millican: "Does God Exist?", Birmingham University, October 2011 2:18:37
Bethinking 1/6: William Lane Craig on Dawkins' Objections to Theistic Arguments 1:13:41
Bethinking 2/6: John Lennox on Stephen Hawking's "The Grand Design" 1:13:11
Bethinking 3/6: Peter J Williams on New Atheists & Old Testament (incl. The Canaanites) 51:32
Bethinking 4/6: Gary Habermas on Resurrection Evidence from Critical Scholars 56:53
Bethinking 5/6: William Lane Craig on Secularism & Islam (The Apologetic Task) 59:08
Bethinking 6/6: Questions & Discussion (WL Craig, G Habermas, PJ Williams, PS Williams) 21:32
William Lane Craig: The Evidence for Jesus's Resurrection. Southampton Guildhall, October 2011 1:33:18
BONUS AUDIO: William Lane Craig Apologetics Q&A - Oxford RZIM 2011 55:24
William Lane Craig: Is God a Delusion? Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford October 2011 1:59:49
William Lane Craig vs Peter Atkins: "Does God Exist?", University of Manchester, October 2011 1:53:02

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