Micro Economics by Kamlesh Gakhar (Maharshi Dayanand U, Rohtak)

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source: Cec Ugc    2016年3月3日

Lecture 1 : Introduction to Economics 1:00:51
Lecture 2 : Basics Concepts, Methodology and Assumption of Economics 57:29
Law of Equi-Marginal and Indifference Curve 56:51
Consumer's Equilibrium with Indifference Curves Analysis 57:33
Consumer's Surplus 58:23
Law of Supply and Elasticity of Supply 57:27
Applicability and Significance of Returns to a Variable Factor 59:02
Factors of Production 57:25
Economies and Diseconomies of Scale 56:59
Short Run and Long Run Cost Curve 55:46
Revenue Curves and Market Structures 54:53
Equilibrium of a Firm Price Determination Under Perfect Competition 56:29
Equilibrium of a Firm and Industry under Perfect Competition 59:24
Dynamic Changes and Industry Equilibrium under Perfect Competition 56:35
Price Discrimination : Concept and Equilibrium under Monopoly 55:41
Inefficiency Under Monopoly and Equilibrium Under Monopolistic Competition 52:07
Selling Cost and Excess Capacity under Monopolistic Competition 58:45
Comparison of Markets & Non-Collusive Oligopoly Models 58:20
Average Cost Pricing 52:42
Baumol's Theory of Sales Revenue Maximization 1:01:19
Modern Theory of Rent 56:34
Theories of Wages and Interest 1:00:44

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