Computational Protein Structure Prediction and Design by Jeffrey J. Gray (Fall 2014, Johns Hopkins U)

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source: Prof. Jeffrey J. Gray at Johns Hopkins University    2014年10月4日
Course 540.414/614: Protein Structure Prediction and Design
These videos were recorded from the advanced undergraduate and graduate course (540.414 and 540.614) taught at the Whiting School of Engineering of Johns Hopkins University in the Fall semester of 2014.
The course included a workshop component based on the PyRosetta tutorials available at http://www.pyrosetta.org/tutorials.
Videography by Lauren Elise Villone
Music by Should

Intro to Protein Structure Prediction and Design including Review of Protein Structure 41:07  * Why Engineer Proteins? (00:07) * Protein Structure Basics (13:30)
Protein Geometry; Molecular Energies and Forces (p1) 1:09:32
Molecular Energies and Forces (part 2) 58:50
Molecular Energies and Forces (Part 3) 30:01
Ab-Initio Protein Structure Prediction (part 1) 1:11:08
Ab-Initio Protein Structure Prediction (part 2) 33:23
Refinement of Protein Structures 1:06:12
Rotamer Libraries and Side-chain Packing (Guest lecture by Brian Weitzner) 1:05:04
Protein-Protein Docking 54:43
Loop Modeling 50:47
Non-Protein Molecules in Rosetta (Guest Lecture by Dr. Jason Labonte) 44:23
Modeling Membrane Protein Structure (Guest Lecture by Dr. Julia Koehler Leman) 45:06

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