Indian Statistical Physics Community Meeting 2016 (ICTS Bangalore)

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source: International Centre for Theoretical Sciences    2016年3月9日
URL: https://www.icts.res.in/discussion_me...
DATES Friday 12 Feb, 2016 - Sunday 14 Feb, 2016
VENUE Ramanujan Lecture Hall, ICTS Bangalore
This is an annual discussion meeting of the Indian statistical physics community which is attended by scientists, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students, from across the country, working in the broad area of statistical physics.
This meeting will cover all the 8 Topics covered at STATPHYS meetings, namely:
1) General and mathematical aspects
rigorous results, exact solutions, probability theory, stochastic field theory, phase transitions and critical phenomena at equilibrium, information theory, optimization, etc.
2) Out-of-equilibrium aspects
driven systems, transport theory, relaxation and response dynamics, random processes, anomalous diffusion, fluctuation theorems, large deviations, out-of-equilibrium phase transitions, etc.
3) Quantum fluids and condensed matter
strongly correlated electrons, cold atoms, graphene, mesoscopic quantum phenomena, fractional quantum Hall effect, low dimensional quantum field theory, quantum phase transitions, quantum information, entanglement, Lüttinger liquid, spin liquid, etc.
4) Disordered and glassy systems
percolation, spin glasses, structural glasses, metallic glasses, jamming, glass transition, algorithmic problems, etc.
5) Biological physics
molecular motors, single and multicellular dynamics, bacteria, swimmers, spatio-temporal organization, biological membranes, biopolymer folding, genomics, biological networks, evolution models, evolutionary game theory, etc.
6) Soft matter
simple and complex fluids, active matter, molecular and ionic fluids,wetting, self-assembly, polymers, gels, liquid crystals, microemulsions, foams, membranes, colloids, granular materials, etc.
7) Nonlinear physics
dynamical systems, chaos (classical and quantum), pattern formation, chemical reactions, hydrodynamic instabilities, turbulence (classical and quantum), etc.
8) Interdisciplinary and complex systems
networks and graphs, epidemics, econophysics, social phenomena, traffic flow, ecology, etc.

Continuously Varying Critical Exponents Beyond Weak Universality by Pradeep Kumar Mohanty  17:28
Universality of efficiency at maximum work with finite reservoirs by Ramandeep S. Johal 13:33
Quantum Simulation of Majorana Fermion Mode , Dirac Fermion Mode... by Sujit Sarkar 14:50
Open quantum systems: a comparision between Redfield and Lindblad master equations by Abhishek Dhar 17:03
Correlations and fluctuations in RAP with a driven tracer by Anupam Kundu 16:08
Fluctuation-dominated Phase Ordering: Order Parameter Scaling By Mustansir Barma 19:00
Poster Flash Talks 29:28
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Stochastic resonance and ratchet effect in sinusoidal... by Mangal Chandra Mahato 17:12
Symmetric exclusion processes on a ring with moving defects by Punyabrata Pradhan 15:29
Dynamical transition in the temporal relaxation of stochastic by Sanjib Sabhapandit
Diffusion with stochastic power-law resetting by Apoorva Nagar 13:18
Explorations of the statistical properties of particles in turbulent flows by Rahul Pandit 12:33
Intermittency in Turbulence: Time to look at Fourier space? By Samriddhi Sankar Ray 16:26
Periodically driven closed quantum systems: periodic steady state By Amit Dutta 19:13
Separating many-body localized phase from Anderson localized phase... by Dibyendu Roy 16:42
Placing the dilute magnetic semiconductors on the Zaanen-Sawatzky-Allen... by Priya Mahadevan 14:18
Lyapunov Spectral Analysis of Coupled Oscillators By Anandamohan Ghosh 15:58
Interacting Chaotic Systems: Universality in Spectral-Fluctuation By Shashi C. L. Srivastava 16:18
Leaky Fermi Accelerators By Kushal Shah 15:03
A finite-time exponent for the random Ehrenfest gas By Sudhir R. Jain 17:13
Uncovering universality in the entanglement of strongly chaotic subsystems by Arul Lakshminarayan 19:58
Transdifferentiation and oscillatory states in gene regulatory networks by Mithun Kumar Mitra 18:10
Critical dynamics of the jamming transition by Kavita Jain 14:13
Random walks and extreme events on networks by M. S. Santhanam 14:48
Networks of agents with preferred degree by Deepak Dhar 15:41
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Kinetics of Vapor-Solid Phase Transition by Subir K. Das 16:58
Microscopic Origin of Temporal Heterogeneities in Translational Dynamics... by Biswaroop Mukherjee 14:42
Analytical form of forces in hydrophobic collapse by Jaydeb Chakrabarti 17:05
Molecular mechanism of water permeation in a helium impermeable... by Prabal K Maiti 14:17
Extended-collapsed transition in charged polymers: Origin of attractive forces by Rajesh Ravindran 14:34
Effects of dissolved ions on spatial and temporal correlations of liquid water by Vani Vemparala 16:56
Continuum "xy- model" on deformable surfaces: equilibrium... by Yashodhan Hatwalne 16:19
Satya Majumdar 16:07
[private video]
Dynamics of entanglement generation in driven integrable systems by Arnab Sen 16:30
Conservative perturbation theory for nonconservative systems By Sagar Chakraborty 15:28
Mode-hopping in entrained biological oscillator by Sandeep Krishna 16:22
Growing length scale in the short-time dynamics of glass-forming liquids by 5 Chandan Dasgupta 16:37
Onset of flow in glasses under applied shear by Pinaki Chaudhur 13:55
Structure and Forces in Shear Jammed Sphere Packings by Srikanth Sastry 17:18
Asymptotic properties of Kalman filter by Amit Apte 16:40
Is there a discontinuous transition underlying the growth and shrinkage..... by Dibyendu Das 15:11
Force generation by polymerizing filaments by Manoj Gopalakrishnan 16:57
Actin filaments growing against a barrier with fluctuating shape by Sakuntala Chatterjee 17:39
Scale Invariance in Biological Patterns by Vijaykumar Krishnamurthy 17:35
Periodically driven DNA: Theory and simulation by Sanjay Kumar 15:58
Anomalous conductance fluctuations in electrically stressed bilayer graphene by Arindam Ghosh 14:21
Generalized Fluctuation Theorem for Dissipative Cyclotron Motion...... by Sushanta Dattagupta 19:32
Multicritical melting of three-sublattice order in frustrated easy-axis ...... by Kedar Damle 11:15
Quantum critical Mott transitions in a bilayer Kondo insulator.....by N. S. Vidhyadhiraja 11:37
Obtaining Quantum spin liquid by gauging Deconfined quantum criticality by Subhro Bhattacharjee 18:00
Boosted one dimensional superfluids by Subroto Mukerjee 16:58
Protein Collapse and Folding by Govardhan Reddy 17:45
Counting RNA Structures by Nivedita Deo 18:13
Bacterial Twitching Motility in presence of obstacles. by Rahul Marathe 20:18
Catch bond mechanism in Dynein motor driven collective transport by Sudipto Muhuri 15:45
Full Current Statistics for a Disordered Open Exclusion Process by Arvind Ayyer 16:50

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