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source: iBiology    2017年1月11日
These are the Biophysics & Chemical Biology iBiology talks in our iBioSeminars series.

Titia de Lange (Rockefeller U.) 1: Telomeres and human disease 37:24
Titia de Lange (Rockefeller U.) 2: How telomeres solve the end-protection problem 37:29
Nieng Yan (Tsinghua University) 2: Alternating Access of the Glucose Transporter 30:24
Nieng Yan (Tsinghua University) 1: Introduction to Membrane Transport Proteins 31:18
Nieng Yan (Tsinghua U.) 1 in Mandarin: Introduction to Membrane Transport Proteins 43:42
Taekjip Ha (Johns Hopkins / HHMI) 1: Developing single molecule technologies to study nanomachines 28:31
Taekjip Ha (Johns Hopkins / HHMI) 2: Combining FRET and optical trap to study the nucleosome 31:51
Taekjip Ha (Johns Hopkins / HHMI) 3: Investigating DNA Helicases using single molecule technologies 33:50
Julie Theriot (Stanford, HHMI) 3: Evolution of a Dynamic Cytoskeleton 41:04
Julie Theriot (Stanford, HHMI) 2: Mechanics and Dynamics of Rapid Cell Motility 37:20
Julie Theriot (Stanford, HHMI) 1: Protein Polymers, Crawling Cells and Comet Tails 28:54
Jayme Dyer (MIT): Knowing Where to Go: How Cells Drive Without Eyes 34:57
Jianjin Shi (Nat. Inst. of Bio. Sci., Beijing): How can we sense infection? Helping to treat sepsis 23:40
Thomas Pollard (Yale University) 3: The mechanics of cytokinesis 39:28
Thomas Pollard (Yale University) 2: Mechanism of cell motility pt. 2 21:44
Thomas Pollard (Yale University) 1: Mechanism of cell motility pt. 1 30:06
Robert S. Langer (MIT) Part 3: Biomaterials for Drug Delivery Systems and Tissue Engineering 26:51
Robert S. Langer (MIT) Part 2: Drug Delivery Technology: Present and Future 35:12
Robert S. Langer (MIT) Part 1: Advances in Controlled Drug Release Technology: An Overview 37:45
Rama Ranganathan (U. Texas Southwestern) Part 3: Protein Function and Adaptability 45:15
Rama Ranganathan (U. Texas Southwestern) Part 2: A Model for Protein Design 31:28
Rama Ranganathan (U. Texas Southwestern) Part 1: What is Protein Design? 27:06
David Baker (U. Washington / HHMI) Part 2: Design of New Protein Functions 26:48
David Baker (U. Washington / HHMI) Part 1: Introduction to Protein Design 21:22
Anna Marie Pyle (Yale U./HHMI) Part 3: RNA Helicases and RNA-triggered Signaling Proteins 32:16
Anna Marie Pyle (Yale U./HHMI) Part 2: Inside an RNA Splicing Machine 28:56
Anna Marie Pyle (Yale U./HHMI) Part 1: RNA Structure 23:04
Chaitan Khosla (Stanford) Part 1: An Introduction to Polyketide Assembly Lines 35:47
Chaitan Khosla (Stanford) Part 2: Dissecting Polyketide Assembly Lines 28:31
Chaitan Khosla (Stanford) Part 3: Vectorial Specificity of Assembly Lines 29:37
William Shih (Harvard) Part 1: Nanofabrication via DNA Origami 39:35
William Shih (Harvard) Part 2: Nanofabrication via DNA Single Stranded Bricks 33:38
William Shih (Harvard) Part 3: DNA-Nanostructure Tools 40:41
Catherine Drennan (MIT/HHMI) Part 1: Introduction to Metalloproteins 43:10
Catherine Drennan (MIT/HHMI) Part 2: Metalloproteins and Medicine 32:23
Catherine Drennan (MIT/HHMI) Part 3: Metalloproteins and the Environment 33:11
Kristala L. J. Prather (MIT) Part 1: Introduction to Synthetic Biology and Metabolic Engineering 26:12
Kristala L. J. Prather (MIT) Part 2: Teaching an Old Bacterium New Tricks 38:37
Howard Berg (Harvard) Part 1: Marvels of Bacterial Behavior - History & Physics 31:34
Howard Berg (Harvard) Part 2: Marvels of Bacterial Behavior - Molecular Machinery 30:09
Xiaowei Zhuang (Harvard/HHMI) Part 2: Applications of Super-resolution STORM 28:18
Xiaowei Zhuang (Harvard/HHMI) Part 1: Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy 50:01
Jack Szostak (Harvard/HHMI) Part 3: Non-enzymatic Copying of Nucleic Acid Templates 53:52
Jack Szostak (Harvard/HHMI) Part 2: Protocell Membranes 40:43
Jack Szostak (Harvard/HHMI) Part 1: The Origin of Cellular Life on Earth 54:41
Carlos Bustamante: Single Molecule Manipulation in Biochemistry 38:30
Sangeeta Bhatia Part 2: Microscale Liver Tissue Engineering 30:00
Sangeeta Bhatia Part 1: Engineering Tissue Replacements 39:04
Alfred Wittinghofer (MPI) Part 1: GTP-binding Proteins as Molecular Switches 42:02
Alfred Wittinghofer (MPI) Part 2: GTPase Reactions and Diseases 55:02
Susan Taylor (UCSD) Part 3: Protein Kinase Regulation and Localization 27:05
Susan Taylor (UCSD) Part 2: Architecture of a Protein Kinase 28:15
Susan Taylor (UCSD) Part 1: Protein Phosphorylation in Biology 23:07
Toto Olivera (U. Utah/HHMI) Part 1: Cone Snail Peptides (archive) 23:41
Toto Olivera (U. Utah/HHMI) Part 2: How a Fish Hunting Snail Captures its Prey (archive) 21:32
Toto Olivera (U. Utah/HHMI) Part 3: Conus Peptide Genes a "Drug Development Program" (archive) 25:37
Carolyn Bertozzi (UC Berkeley) Part 2: Imaging the Glycome 58:01
Stephen Mayo (Cal Tech) Part 2: Designing Protein Libraries 34:10
Stephen Mayo (Cal Tech) Part 1: Protein Design by Computation 31:26
Carolyn Bertozzi (UC Berkeley) Part 1: Chemical Glycobiology 47:45

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