Foundations of Computational and Systems Biology (Spring 2014)

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MIT 7.91J Foundations of Computational and Systems Biology
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Instructor: Christopher Burge, David Gifford, Ernest Fraenkel
This course is an introduction to computational biology emphasizing the fundamentals of nucleic acid and protein sequence and structural analysis; it also includes an introduction to the analysis of complex biological systems.
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1. Introduction to Computational and Systems Biology 1:06:11
2. Local Alignment (BLAST) and Statistics 1:16:48
3. Global Alignment of Protein Sequences (NW, SW, PAM, BLOSUM) 1:20:01
4. Comparative Genomic Analysis of Gene Regulation 1:22:38
5. Library Complexity and Short Read Alignment (Mapping) 1:20:06
6. Genome Assembly 1:08:14
7. ChIP-seq Analysis; DNA-protein Interactions 1:21:28
8. RNA-sequence Analysis: Expression, Isoforms 1:20:28
9. Modeling and Discovery of Sequence Motifs 1:22:06
10. Markov and Hidden Markov Models of Genomic and Protein Features 1:18:26
11. RNA Secondary Structure; Biological Functions and Predictions 1:22:40
12. Introduction to Protein Structure; Structure Comparison and Classification 1:05:51
13. Predicting Protein Structure 1:04:22
14. Predicting Protein Interactions 1:11:38
15. Gene Regulatory Networks 1:19:19
16. Protein Interaction Networks 1:20:50
17. Logic Modeling of Cell Signaling Networks 1:14:15
18. Analysis of Chromatin Structure 1:20:30
19. Discovering Quantitative Trait Loci (QTLs) 1:22:13
20. Human Genetics, SNPs, and Genome Wide Associate Studies 1:17:57
21. Synthetic Biology: From Parts to Modules to Therapeutic Systems 1:21:46
22. Causality, Natural Computing, and Engineering Genomes 51:47