Stochastic Thermodynamics, Active Matter and Driven Systems - 2017 (ICTS Bangalore)

source: International Centre for Theoretical Sciences     2017年8月17日
Stochastic Thermodynamics, Active Matter and Driven Systems
DATE: 07 August 2017 to 11 August 2017
VENUE: Ramanujan Lecture Hall, ICTS Bangalore.
Stochastic Thermodynamics and Active Systems are areas in statistical physics which have recently attracted a lot of attention and many interesting results have emerged in these areas. Stochastic Thermodynamics typically deals with small systems where the microscopic dynamics satisfies detailed balance and one is interested in deriving laws analogous to thermodynamics but now in a situation where fluctuations are important. An important discovery in this area are the so-called fluctuation relations. Active Systems include systems such as living biological matter, granular materials and other systems where the microscopic dynamics is stochastic, diffusive and dissipative but with the important difference that detailed balance is not satisfied. In addition, non-equilibrium driving in active matter systems occurs at the scale of the individual entities rather than being driven from the system boundaries. A very important question is to formulate a version of stochastic thermodynamics for these systems. The aim of this discussion meeting is to bring together leading researchers in these two areas to exchange ideas and share important developments connecting the two fields.
The meeting is organised around the ICTS - Infosys Subramanyan Chandrasekhar lecture series (3 talks) by Ajay Sood (IISc, Bangalore). Apart from these lectures, there will be invited talks by other experts in the field. There will also be a poster session.
CONTACT US: stads2017@icts.res.in
PROGRAM LINK: https://www.icts.res.in/discussion-me...
CONTACT US: stads2017@icts.res.in PROGRAM LINK: https://www.icts.res.in/discussion-me...

49:45 Fluctuation theorem for entropy production of a partial by Sanjib Sabhpandit
43:38 Distributions and Fluctuations in single file processes by Anupam Kundu
41:50 Multiscale flows in an highly viscous fluids by Shankar Ghosh
52:28 Topology in Biology by Julia Yeomans
47:58 Topological Defects Control Collective Dynamics in Active Matter by Masaki Sano
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40:48 Beyond Kuramoto: a unifying theory of autoinduced oscillation in cell populations by Lei Han Tang
43:08 Entropy production and linear response in active Brownian particles by Debasish Chaudhuri
50:52 Universal features of current fluctuations of driven and active systems by Udo Seifert
32:54 Collective force generation by multiple rigid filaments and molecular motors by Tripti Bameta
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39:38 Stochasticity in nucleosome positioning: chromatin states and gene... by Ranjith Padinhateeri
46:39 A motility-induced phase transition drives Myxococcus xanthus aggregation by Shashi Thuttupalli
44:55 Active hydrodynamics by Sriram Ramaswamy
34:56 Scalar field theories of active systems by Cesare Nardini
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51:21 Some problems in cellular biomechanics involving active processes by Michael Shelley
40:51 Optimal methylation noise for best chemotactic performance of E. coli by Sakuntala Chatterjee
30:50 Binary mixtures of active and passive particles by Aditi Simha
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