Large deviation theory in statistical physics: Recent advances and future challenges (2017, ICTS Bengaluru)

source: International Centre for Theoretical Sciences 2017年8月31日
Large deviation theory in statistical physics: Recent advances and future challenges
DATE: 14 August 2017 to 13 October 2017
VENUE: Madhava Lecture Hall, ICTS, Bengaluru
Large deviation theory made its way into statistical physics as a mathematical framework for studying equilibrium systems, and is now increasingly used for studying nonequilibrium systems driven in steady states, quantum many-body systems, and disordered systems. Major breakthroughs in understanding these systems have resulted recently from using this theory and are establishing it as an integral part of theoretical statistical physics. In parallel, mathematicians have considerably developed this theory and applied it to a variety of situations and are now also actively working on numerical methods for simulating large deviations, often with a direct motivation to study physical systems.
The aim of this program is to bring together physicists and mathematicians working on large deviations to share their recent results, to engage in new collaborations, and to make progress on fundamental problems in statistical physics. The program will focus on three themes, which drive a large part of the research currently done in this field and in large deviation theory:
Nonequilibrium large deviations: Long-time and low-noise large deviations, escape problems, interacting particle models, fluctuation relations, macroscopic fluctuation theory, stochastic PDEs.
New frontiers of large deviation applications: Disordered systems, polymers, glassy systems, random matrices, quantum systems, random walks on graphs, complex networks, active matter, applications in biology.
Large deviation simulations: Cloning and splitting methods, importance sampling, free energy calculations, transition path sampling, action minimization and adaptive control methods.
The program will consist of short lectures by invited participants  in the  first half of each day, with the rest of the time available for discussions. There will also be some pedagogic lectures on a few advanced topics.

Special lecture series:
Entropy and large deviation theory based on entropy as a tool in the study of non-equilibrium dynamics of large systems with conserved quantities  - S .R. S. Varadhan
Fluctuations and large deviations in nonequilibrium systems - B. Derrida
Large deviations in statistical physics - Hugo Touchette
Macroscopic fluctuation theory - Kirone Mallick
Random Matrix theory - Satya Majumdar
Large deviations for the Wiener Sausage  -  Frank den Hollander
Numerical approaches  -  Tony Lelievre
Large deviations in the context of heavy tails - Parthanil Roy
*Due to some unforeseen circumstances Prof. Srinivasa Varadhan will not be able to deliver the Srinivasa Ramanujan lecture series, therefore the lecture series stands cancelled
CONTACT US: ldt@icts.res.in
PROGRAM LINK: https://www.icts.res.in/program/ldt2017

1:32:22 Algorithms for computational statistical physics: a mathematical viewpoint by Tony Lelièvre
45:33 Branching Random Walk and Regular variation by Rajat Subhra Hazra
46:05 Regenerative sequences and processes and MCMC by Krishna Athreya
1:32:52 Algorithms for computational statistical physics (Part 2) by Tony Lelièvre
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47:44 Large Deviations Scaling Limits by Srinivasa Varadhan
43:23 Queues and large deviations in stochastic models of gene expression by Rahul Kulkarni
42:00 Breaking of Ensemble Equivalence in dense random graphs by Nicos Starreveld
35:02 Small noise limits in the stationary regimes by Vivek S Borkar
10 48:13 On a local Lyapunov function for the McKean-Vlasov dynamics by Rajesh Sundaresan
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12 43:22 Markov chain model reduction by Claudio Landim
13 18:15 Exact stationary state solution of one-dimensional heat transport model by Priyanka
14 23:55 Modeling of time evolution of temperature profile in a stochastic momentum by Aritra Kundu
15 34:31 Large deviations for Markov processes with resetting by Janusz Martin Meylahn
16 43:23 (Very) Large Deviations for the Totally Asymmetric Exclusion Process by Stefano Olla
17 43:05 A disordered open long-range exclusion process by Arvind Ayyer
18 37:24 Large deviation principle and beyond in a single-electron box by Shilpi Singh
19 9:47 Stochastic efficiency of an isothermal work-to-work converter engine by Deepak Gupta
20 45:23 Carnot efficiency in an irreversible process by Hyunggyu Park
21 40:33 Diffusion versus Superdiffusion in a stochastic Hamiltonian lattice field model by Cedric Bernardin
22 38:56 Selection of the Best System using large deviations, and multi-arm Bandits by Sandeep Juneja
23 44:59 Rare events in fat-tailed systems by Eli Barkai
24 45:54 A tale of two point processes in the plane by Manjunath Krishnapur
25 43:59 Quenched large deviations for random motions in degenerate random media by Chiranjib Mukherjeer
26 49:21 Large deviations of the cover time for the random by Francis Comets
27 41:29 Current fluctuations and dynamical phase transitions by Rosemary J Harris
28 31:00 Infinite-density versus large deviations theory for fat-tailed systems by Erez Aghion
29 47:32 Random walk in 1d diffusive random environment by Francois Huveneers
30 45:05 Analytical methods for extreme fluctuations in generalised... processes by Alexandre Cezar Lazarescu
31 1:30:18 Large deviations for the Wiener Sausage by Frank den Hollander
32 36:06 Some Remarks on non-local Schrodinger Operators by Siva Athreya
33 36:33 Breaking of ensemble equivalence in complex networks by Andrea Roccaverde
34 1:41:32 Large deviations for the Wiener Sausage (Lecture 2) by Frank den Hollander
35 48:36 Long-range correlations in non-equilibrium diffusive systems by Tridib Sadhu
36 43:02 Dynamics of a pushed by a single particle gas: A microscopic model for Szilard engine by Deepak Bhat
37 1:37:41 Large deviations of Markov processes (Part - 1) by Hugo Touchette
38 51:44 Population dynamics method for rare events: systematic errors & feedback control by Vivien Lecomte
39 1:37:47 Large deviations of Markov processes (Part 2) by Hugo Touchette
40 41:26 Error estimates for Feynman-Kac semi- groups by Grégoire Ferré
41 33:10 Large deviations in periodically driven systems by Grant M Rotskoff
42 48:51 Three problems not too far from equilibrium: from passive to active systems by Cesare Nardini
43 49:50 Order and symmetry-breaking in the fluctuations of driven systems by Pablo Hurtado
44 44:09 Canonical structures and orthogonality of forces and currents in irreversible by Marcus Kaiser
45 45:32 Phase transitions and symmetry breaking in current distributions of diffusive systems by Yariv Kafri
46 52:03 Experimental Determination of Dynamical Lee-Yang Zeros by Kay Brandner
47 43:58 Dynamical fluctuations in classical and quantum systems by Carlos Perez Espigares
48 1:27:31 Large deviations in the context of heavy tails by Parthanil Roy
49 52:55 Dissipation-based uncertainty bounds for currents by Todd Gingrich
50 1:24:40 Large deviations in the context of heavy tails (Lecture - 02) by Parthanil Roy
51 14:58 Statistical mechanics of assembly of particles activated by non-Gaussian noise by Hisao Hayakawa
52 49:20 Large deviation theory applied to climate dynamics by Freddy Bouchet
53 46:53 Current fluctuations in heat transport by Abhishek Dhar
54 52:58 Large deviations and quantum non- equilibrium by Juan P Garrahan
55 42:01 Extremal statistics in 1d Coulomb gas by Anupam Kundu
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57 1:41:30 Top eigenvalue of a Gaussian random matrix: Large Deviations by Satya Majumdar
58 46:20 Dynamical fluctuations in systems with and without detailed balance by Robert Jack
59 1:31:23 Probability of Large Deviations of λmax by Satya Majumdar
60 39:35 Fluctuation theorem for entropy production of a partial system... by Sanjib Sabhapandit
61 44:26 Renewal processes with long tails by Claude Godrèche
62 45:40 Large deviations and stochastic stability by Jorge Kurchan
63 38:52 Extreme value statistics in a gas of 2d charged particles by Bertrand Lacroix A Chez
64 44:06 States with non-uniform temperature profiles in conformal field theory by Krzysztof Gawedzki
65 50:00 Large deviations for non-interacting trapped fermions by Gregory Schehr
66 1:46:40 Macroscopic Fluctuations, In and Out of Equilibrium (Part – 01) by Kirone Mallick
67 1:36:13 Macroscopic Fluctuations, In and Out of Equilibrium (Part - 02) by Kirone Mallick
68 44:35 On Gibbs-Shannon Entropy by Raphael Chetrite
69 47:51 Asymptotic properties of the volatility estimator from high-frequency data modeled by Ananya Lahiri

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