Word. World. 2017 | A CCA MFA in Writing Thesis Presentation

source: California College of the Arts - CCA      2017年5月4日
Word. World. is the culminating event of the MFA Program in Writing at California College of the Arts that features graduating students reading from their thesis.
An evening of poetry, prose, and writings in between, this night is also a community celebration as these students enter a new phase of their writing careers.
Featured Writers: Trey Bidinger Erin Carini Nathan Freeman Daniel Keating Melissa Lozano Ella Schoefer-Wulf DeShara Suggs-Joe Zoe Young

Word. World. 2017 | A CCA MFA in Writing Thesis Presentation 1:37:12
w/ Ella Schoefer Wulf 7:01
w/ Erin Carini 8:19
w/ Trey Bidinger 12:57
w/ Zoe Young 15:05
w/ Deshara Suggs Joe 12:09
w/ Daniel Keating 11:08
w/ Nathan Freeman 9:23
w/ Soraiya Domi Lozano 8:23
w/ Anna Avery 10:29
w/ Brandon Dale 14:28
w/ Grace Fondow 13:09
w/ Logan Ellis 16:11
w/ Lindsay Lees 10:53
w/ Luna G Reiley 11:55
w/ Katelyn Newman 7:18
w/ Adam Park 9:46

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