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source: caltech      2017年3月3日
The “Project MATHEMATICS!” video series explore basic topics in high school mathematics in ways that cannot be done at the chalkboard or in a textbook. They bring mathematics to life with imaginative computer animation, live action, music, special effects, and a sense of humor.
The videos were animated by James F. Blinn, and produced by Professor Tom M. Apostol at the California Institute of Technology, Caltech, in Pasadena, CA.

Episode 1: Similarity - Project MATHEMATICS! 25:15 Episode 1. Similarity: Scaling multiplies lengths by the same factor and produces a similar figure. It preserves angles and ratios of lengths of corresponding line segments. Animation shows what happens to perimeters, areas, and volumes under scaling, with various applications from real life.
©1990 California Institute of Technology
Episode 2: The Story Of Pi - Project MATHEMATICS! 21:50
Episode 3: The Theorem Of Pythagoras - Project MATHEMATICS! 18:52
Episode 4: Sines And Cosines Part I - Project MATHEMATICS! 26:33
Episode 5: Sines And Cosines Part II - Project MATHEMATICS! 27:00
Episode 6: Sines And Cosines Part III - Project MATHEMATICS! 26:15
Episode 7: Polynomials - Project MATHEMATICS! 25:21
Episode 8: The Tunnel of Samos - Project MATHEMATICS! 27:14
Episode 9: Early History - Project MATHEMATICS! 27:56
Trailer 1: Siggraph 1988 - Project MATHEMATICS! 3:22
Trailer 2: Siggraph 1990 - Project MATHEMATICS! 6:03
Trailer 3: Siggraph 1993 - Project MATHEMATICS! 3:02

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